Toohey — he’s just too good to pass up

April 21, 2017

ARE you looking to liven up your life? Well maybe someone can liven it up for you.

Introducing Toohey, a tall, energetic soul who is literally bouncing with love.

At two years and nine months old, this desexed male mixed breed Bull Terrier has been up for adoption for eight weeks after being surrendered by his previous family.

With this in mind he needs a home with secure fences, a large garden and plenty of things to play with.

Great for an active owner, Toohey will need twice daily walks or runs.

Toohey has had some minor training in the past and although he does know how to ‘sit’, his enthusiasm for life means he can be forgetful of other commands.

He would benefit from having an owner who has a lot of free time to work with him.

Attending obedience training should remind Toohey of all his doggie manners, help him socialise with people and dogs of all shapes and sizes, as well as, help ensure he matures into a well-mannered senior dog.

Just like our own little humans, Toohey is particularly susceptible to the sun and his light colouration means he can be prone to skin cancer.

A sun smart owner should try to keep Toohey in the shade or indoors as much as possible in the summer months and have pet safe sun screen applied to his pink skin regularly.

It is recommended that Toohey gets 6 monthly checkups on his skin with a veterinarian, to help ensure an early signs of skin cancer can be caught and treated.

Toohey can be adopted for $350 from the Campaspe Animal Shelter, to arrange a meeting call 5480 3005.

For more information visit Toohey’s online profile at

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