Let there be light — and behold, there was

April 21, 2017

George Drakatos from Roundabout Lighting

EVERYONE is looking to cut costs when it comes to power bills.

And when it comes to your lighting costs you can start saving money immediately – and still remain uber cool with the latest designs and styles.

Roundabout Lighting’s George Drakatos says LED lights have been a smash hit because not only are they trendy, from fixed lights to downlights to pendants, they are “incredibly energy efficient” and will last for years.

“They also provide instant light, instead of that ‘I’m eventually going to warm up’ you get with those old spiral globes – which is especially handy for in-and-out rooms,” George said.

“We can consult with you in the shop but we also work with designers and builders to advise them on which lights work best as they draw up plans for houses,” he said.

Roundabout Lighting at 169 Pakenham St (remarkably, right near the roundabout) has been in the Drakatos family since 1987, starting at Nish St before moving to its present location in 1994.

Where George said they now run so much stock there is access to as many as 15,000 lighting, and lighting related products, on their database.

And in the unlikely event Roundabout Lighting does not have exactly what you want it won’t take them long to track it down on your behalf.

“It’s quite exciting, seeing what the latest products are as they roll in,” George added.

“We run a huge range and what we don’t have here in the shop we can get within two or three days,” he said.

“Lighting has become an incredibly fast-moving fashion industry, being driven by the many building and home improvement shows on TV.

“But has also had the commonsense to make sure it is also user friendly, especially in the area of power bills.”

George said Roundabout Lighting prides itself on being cost competitive – not just with regional Victoria but against the lighting industry in Melbourne as well.

But said cheaper does not mean you are getting a cheap product.

“Our suppliers have to work overtime to get their products past my scrutiny and into our shop and unless the quality is top notch, price alone isn’t enough.

“We provide exceptional service to our customers so we don’t want to tarnish that by offering anything less than exceptional products,” George said.

He said with its multi-generational experience Roundabout Lighting can, and does, save people a lot of time, and money, by getting them the best product for all the rooms in the home.

And at the best price.

“Our combination of service and price is so good we actually get a lot of weekend Melbourne custom, people amazed at the prices and the variety,” he added.

Roundabout Lighting, 169 Pakenham St, Echuca.

Phone: 5480 2238.

Open Monday to Friday, 9am-5.30pm, Saturday, 9am-12.30pm.

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