A ghost in every port, including in Echuca

May 20, 2017

Paranormal investigators Deborah and John Christopher. Photo: Tyla Harrington

THE Port of Echuca is haunted, according to a pair of paranormal investigators.

Drifter Paranormal has completed its investigation in Echuca’s historic precinct and found ‘‘strong paranormal activity’’.

Investigators Deborah and John Christopher (pictured) drifted into Echuca in February, leaving with hours of video footage, recordings and several ‘‘personal’’ experiences.

They say one recording captures a clear voice saying ‘‘leave’’, recorded in the rear cabin of the PS Pevensey.

‘‘An anomaly, appearing to be a medium-sized dog, was captured briefly flashing into view, on the hand-held camera ... Moving china and footsteps were also recorded in the same location,’’ the report says. ‘‘Identical calls of, ‘whoa’ or ‘mum’ (female/child) at the point where children had drowned, were recorded approximately 45 minutes apart.

‘‘A male voice saying ‘Where’d he go’ was picked up on a hand-held sound recorder during the interactive session.’’

The Christophers said the footage would be on their Facebook page within two weeks but staff members at the Port of Echuca had not confirmed any of the recordings as normal.

‘‘Based on the evidence recorded, the personal events experienced during the interactive session, and previous experiences Drifter Paranormal has had at similar locations, we conclude that there is strong paranormal activity occurring at the Port of Echuca,’’ the report says.

‘‘Evidence suggests both residual haunting activity, such as movement and footsteps, and intelligent haunting activity, such as the recorded voices, are occurring in this location.

‘‘On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest level of paranormal activity), we would rate the Port of Echuca at a 7.’’

The Christophers said there was ‘‘insufficient evidence’’to claim paranormal activity in the Star Hotel or the Bridge Hotel.

‘‘This doesn’t mean that these areas are not haunted, but just that we were unsuccessful in capturing a ‘critical mass’ of evidence to support that statement,’’ the report stated.

To check out the footage and recordings for yourself watch Drifter Paranormal’s Facebook page (

All unexplained evidence should be found there and on YouTube within the next two weeks.

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