Pensioner says to watch out for scam mail

June 17, 2017

A resident has received an inheritance scam letter. Photo by Luke Hemer.

AN ECHUCA pensioner is warning the community’s most vulnerable to not fall victim to scams after receiving an inheritance scam in the mail.

The woman, who only wants to be known as Pam, this week received the bogus letter claiming she is entitled to £10.8 million in inheritance from a distant relative who died in 2008.

‘‘I knew it was fake straight away because of the unusual envelope and the fact it had no letterhead,’’ she said.

‘‘I also don’t have any relatives by that name or who live in the UK.’’

The letter claims to be from ‘Alton Putnam of Barclays Capital Finance in London’ and states the relative left no heir or will and contacted Pam ‘‘since you share the same last name as him’’.

The letter asks Pam to confidentially partner with Mr Putnam and set up a new account or provide an existing account and to pay money and provide personal details to claim the fortune.

Then she would be compensated 40 per cent of the funds after the transaction.

Pam said although she knew it was a scam, she worried about other older people in the community who might fall for the trickery.

‘‘Some people might go ahead with it, especially if they recognise a name,’’ she said.

‘‘Some older people I know would be really distressed if they received a letter like this.

‘‘I really want to make people aware of this and to not answer these types of letters.

‘‘If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

‘‘If you are unsure, contact the police or a family member and get a second opinion.’’

For information about scams or to report one, visit

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