Intersection now like playing road roulette

July 15, 2017

Rolly Griffiths is calling for a round about to be placed on the intersection of Merool and Perricoota Roads. Photo by Luke Hemer.

TWELVE months after a narrow escape from a Murray Hwy crash, Rolly Griffiths has renewed his demand for an overhaul of the Perricoota and Merool roads intersection.

Living close by the intersection he has to repeatedly endure flashbacks after he was injured when his milk truck and a car collided head-on.

Every time he hears screeching brakes and the crumpled bang as cars crash into each other.

Mr Griffiths said the intersection needed a roundabout – and needed it now.

He said if it did not get done, it would only be a matter of time before someone was killed.

“It hits you right at home when you hear an accident,’’ he said.

“It sends me back to my own accident and shakes me a bit every time.

“It is really dangerous and something needs to be done.”

Mr Griffiths has lived in the area for 15 years and has seen and heard collisions at the intersection.

The latest bad crash only a few weeks ago saw one person hospitalised after another two-car collision.

The accident occurred when one car apparently T-boned the other.

Mr Griffiths said late last year he was at home when he heard that ominous bang yet again.

“I heard it and I thought ‘oh no, not again. That’s me all over again’,” Mr Griffiths said.

He said he knew instantly what the noise was and rushed out to see two cars on opposite sides of Perricoota Rd with damage to the front and rear of the vehicles.

The occupants were shaken but appeared to escape injury and police were involved.

Police who investigated Mr Griffiths’ own accident, said a ute heading west crossed onto the wrong side of the road before colliding with him.

They said it ploughed under the truck’s fuel tank and was dragged under the truck and spat out.

Its occupants — a 19-year-old Echuca man and a 20-year-old Gunbower man — were both taken to hospitals in Melbourne with multiple injuries.

Mr Griffiths spent the night in hospital for observation but his physical injuries took a long time to heal.

“I had a bloody hell of a time of it,” he said.

“I had knee problems, bruising down my right side and had a lump of timber come through the windows which dug a hole in the side of me.”

He said the volume of traffic already using the roads was only going to get worse with people using the amenities and the rapid housing growth in the area.

Murray River Council interim general manager Margot Stork said an extensive study of the intersection was completed in 2012.

“It was completed as part of a master planning exercise by TTM consulting,” she said.

“After review, TTM confirmed the current treatment was, and is, deemed adequate for the volume of traffic through the intersection.

“MRC understands the cause of the recent accident is subject to an ongoing police investigation and council will not comment further until the cause of the accident is known.”

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