$50 Million OZ Lotto. Michael Devlin of NewsXpress Moama. Photo by Luke Hemer.

July 17, 2017

$50 Million OZ Lotto. Michael Devlin of NewsXpress Moama. Photo by Luke Hemer.

$50 Million OZ Lotto. Kennisha Edwards of Echuca Square Lotto. Photo by Luke Hemer.

$50 Million OZ Lotto. Kylie Kirk of Echcua Lucky Lotto. Photo by Luke Hemer.

OZ Lotto players across the twin towns will be scrambling to get their hands on a ticket in Tuesday’s draw, with the jackpot climbing to $50 million.

This is the highest it has climbed in almost two years and all you have to do is pick the seven winning numbers.

So once the easy part of the exercise is out of the way, now comes the hard part.

What will you spend it on?

How far does $50,000,000 really go in Echuca-Moama?

Well a bloody long way as it turns out.

If it is chocolate you are after, and who isn’t, you could corner the market with 25 million mars bars.

If it is new wheels you are after then Morley Ford could get you a top of the range Ford Everest Titanium that will only set you back $74,700 plus on road costs.

A mere pittance, such a small drop in your cash flow it would not even create a ripple.

But if it is style you are after then the Ford Mustang is the way to go, for only $64,900.

D’Alberto Holden Echuca has a 1971 VT Monaro with only 303 miles on the clock which will set you back around $500,000. Or if it is speed you are after then the limited edition Holden Commodore Motorsport is the way to go at only $77,000.

Now you have money you will want to be out on the water and what better way to spend the cash than on a new boat.

A top of the range MB Sports wake boat from Boats & More will cost you around $130,000.

Where a Harris Pontoon boat from Extreme Marine will take a small $170,000.

Throw in a couple of Seadoo jet skis for good measure (just $29,000 apiece) and you are pretty well set for summer.

At the same time don’t forget to keep the other half happy — duck into Stephen’s Jewellers where they have a $21,000 solitaire diamond on hand.

But if you really want to celebrate with fireworks and a lifetime of brownie points, you could also acquire a $500,000 Australian pink diamond.

And it should come wrapped in a new house.

Charles L King Real Estate currently has a $1.5 million listing in Moama, which sounds as if it might fit your new status.

Right, that’s a good start to your wish list (especially those Mars bars) — now where do you go to get the tickets?

All three Lotto spots across the twin towns are well overdue for a division one winner.

In Hare St Lucky Lotto owner Craig Kirk said he was expecting an influx of people through the doors tomorrow.

‘‘As the numbers go up more and more people come in to get their dream ticket,’’ he said.

“It increases tenfold.

“Although no one is guaranteed to win the only way you can is with a ticket.”

Mr Kirk said they have winners regularly.

“Everything from $4000 to $20,000 usually goes off monthly.

“We haven’t had a first division winner for four years, so odds would say we are due for a win.”

Echuca Square Lotto owner Gavin Sullivan said people generally leave it to the last minute to enter the draw.

“You will see workplaces going into syndicates and things like that on Tuesday and all the people who generally don’t buy Lotto tickets will this time,” he said.

“We had a division one winner in 2012 so it might just be about time for another one.”

NewsXpress Moama may not have had a division one winner in a decade, but owner Michael Devlin said that means they are well overdue for a big win.

“It is such a great opportunity to set yourself up for life,” he said.

“For the first-time players, we have store syndicates you can go in and we are more than happy to help you through getting a ticket.”

So whether it is fast cars, diamond rings or multi-million dollar river properties, in Echuca-Moama there are plenty of ways to spend the money.

But don’t forget to get a ticket – because you have to be in it to win it.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

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