No butts on this change

July 31, 2017

PATRONS at Black Pudding will no longer have the option of lighting up a cigarette at any of its streetside tables.

But co-owner Rob Taverna said the impact on his cafe would be minimal.

‘‘We don’t get too many smokers out the front,’’ he said.

‘‘Most of them get up and leave anyway so people around them don’t have to breathe it in.

‘‘So our customers are pretty good in that regard.’’

Rebecca Whitlock, co-owner at Johnny and Lyle, also said the new rules would not bother most of her customers.

The High St cafe already bans smoking in its large courtyard.

‘‘The only area people were allowed to smoke was out the front, which is only four tables,’’ she said.

‘‘But it’s a great introduction. It’s not nice to sit across from a table with a smoker at 9am in the morning.’’

The Victorian Government has defined outdoor dining areas as sections where food is provided on a commercial basis.

It does not apply when food is limited to certain pre-packaged goods such as chips and nuts.

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