Time to start stretching — the distance

August 07, 2017

Brady Threlfall. Photo: Sitthixay Ditthavong

AS BOTH programs increase their total weekly distances, you may find that your sleep patterns are changing. This is quite normal and generally you will find that your quality sleep improves.


Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: Walk eight minutes, jog four minutes, walk 20 minutes.

Wednesday: Walk 40 minutes.

Thursday: Walk five minutes and jog two minutes five times.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: Walk one hour.

Sunday: Walk six minutes, jog five minutes, walk six minutes, jog four minutes, walk six minutes, jog three minutes, walk six minutes, jog two minutes, walk six minutes, jog one minute, walk three minutes

Monday: Rest


Tuesday: Run 4km with 500m effort in middle.

Wednesday: Run 4km.

Thursday: Run 3km, walk five minutes.

Friday: Rest or active rest as per week one.

Saturday: Run 2km, stretch, 8x100m rhythm @ one minute, 2km cool down jog.

Sunday: Run 6km, walk five minutes, run 1km, walk five minutes.

Monday: Rest.

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