There’s real gold within the Lord’s Golden Rule

August 12, 2017

GOLD has an allure that draws people to it.

In the gold rush days, people came to Australia from all over the world, feverishly seeking the precious metal.

Today when the economy and confidence wanes investors will often move their money to the safety of gold bullion.

When a sibling is favoured or extra good, they are the golden child. Even when there is a classic moment in sport people will say, ‘that’s gold!’

Gold is seen as the safest and best option.

It is no surprise then that the statement which best summarises the teaching of Jesus is called, ‘the golden rule.’ Matthew 7:12 “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you…”

It captures the heart of living well as followers of Jesus.

But isn’t his message just common sense?

A good teacher can make the profound seem obvious. This statement of Jesus does just that.

Perhaps the value and rarity of this statement, that makes it worthy of being called the Golden Rule, is its call not just to ‘do no harm,’ but to seek and work for the good of others.

When we reflect on our own lives, relationships and thoughts we recognise that even the obvious can be difficult for us to live up to.

Looking to Jesus draws us away from feverishly seeking self, causing us to look to others.

There is a whole spiritual economy behind this golden rule.

It works as a summary statement not just for the life of a disciple, but for all the Old Testament law and the prophets.

If you read the whole verse and the entire sermon that it comes from, you see Jesus and in turn this statement are a culmination of all that God has been doing in the world.

This golden rule was designed to be connected with Jesus.

On its own it still has the ring of truth and value for finding meaning in life. However, we can’t forget that it came from the same mouth of the one who said he came to ‘give his life as a ransom for many’.

When we join with Jesus to live this life we get far more than a motto.

Jesus offers forgiveness with God, a life of meaning in being others focused and the Holy Spirit to transform us into the people God made us to be.

Welcomed into God’s and his people we work to become like Jesus.

Perhaps the depth and richness to this golden rule highlights, there is more digging to be done to truly grasp God’s good work for us through Jesus.

It may just be a glimmer of even greater riches in his life and teaching.

Tim Bowles


Moama Anglican Grammar

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