Massage message is now held in safe hands

September 02, 2017

Trainer Jhoy Bolivar left with trainee Lorraine Potter right holding the clinic's logo

TRAINING doesn’t get anymore hands on than giving a massage.

The Murray College of Vocational Education is offering them to citizens of Echuca-Moama and needs your help to give students the most complete training they can get.

It all comes at no cost to you to get the ultimate experience in relaxation while giving these students the training they need.

Trainer for the exercises Jhoy Bolivar said being able to train while also helping the community is a huge motivator for herself and the trainees.

“The benefit that is provided to the community is one of the main reasons we do these massages,” Jhoy said.

“The students also get to have real world experience to go along with their theoretical work which is fantastic as this experience is just as vital in their training as the book studies.

“You can’t learn it all from the theoretical work alone which is what makes this experience of putting it all into practice just as important to their training.”

Jhoy’s passion for the trade is clear to see and continues to be one of the main reasons why she enjoys the work involved.

“I didn’t believe I could do this initially but I’ve proven to myself that I can which has been a hugely rewarding experience.

“I’ve learnt a lot through this program so it has been fantastic for everyone involved.”

Trainee Lorraine Potter said the diversity she has experienced through these sessions has been an essential compliment to her theoretical work.

“The work here through the uniting church has been fantastic,” Lorraine said.

“The cliental we have come through the door here gives us people from all walks of life, being able to work with so much diversity is a real blessing for us.

“I had one lady for a session where I couldn’t touch her feet because of her beliefs so you really do get a bit of everything.”

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