This little guy can be your new Buddy

September 15, 2017

Give a dog a home. Buddy. Photo by Luke Hemer.

HIS name is Buddy.

He is old and wise.

Perhaps his nickname could be Budweiser — or he could just be your new best friend.

Buddy is a 13-year-old desexed male Jack Russell Terrier mixed breed and is available for adoption at the Campaspe Animal Shelter.

This kind old lad is full of love and affection and will fit right into his new family home.

But there are a few extra health concerns that you should keep an eye on with Buddy.

He has cataracts which is normal in older dogs and these are not currently causing any issues.

He also has a luxating patella which is very common in smaller breeds and doesn’t require any treatment as yet.

Buddy is also after a new owner who is willing to keep his weight under control.

He is currently carrying a little extra baggage which needs to be addressed as without a strict weight loss management plan, his health may rapidly decline.

Although he isn’t showing any sign of diseases that can be associated with extra weight.

Not only will his life be enriched by losing weight but his life span will be extended giving him many happy years ahead with his new owner.

With his outgoing personality and zest for life Buddy is sure to brighten up any family home and will make a very loyal companion.

Buddy is available for adoption for $175.

You can organise a meet and greet with him by calling 54803005.

For information, head to

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