Successfully driving the new program for learners

September 29, 2017

Taylah McGrath, instrustor Nick Frail, Stephen Cooper and Iris Kerwin. Photo by Luke Hemer.

BIRRANG ENTERPRISES has arrived in Moama and looks set to play a major role in aiding those would-be drivers who are struggling, or simply aren’t able to get their learner or probationary plates.

Graduating its first two L plate recipients in Moama, the program has had success across NSW in getting people safely onto the road.

The program’s success is clearly shown with people such as Taylah McGrath, who is one of two in Moama to have successfully obtained their L plates through the program.

“Before I went through this program I had tried to get my Ls three times without success, on my first go with Birrang I was able to get them,” Taylah said.

“They are fantastic at what they do and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs some help getting their license.”

Started in 2003 as a regional community service provider to give employment and related services to indigenous people, they have since expanded to include people from other cultures and backgrounds.

“We cover the whole state and have four instructors providing the training that allows these people who wouldn’t usually be able to obtain their L or P plates the chance to get them,” instructor Nick Frail said.

“We also help them with the lead up to getting the plates, so we offer more than just driving lessons.

“We’ve always revolved the lessons around safe driving so that people who come through our driving program can drive safely on our roads.

“It still sends shivers down my spine every time someone succeeds and obtains either their L or P plates though our program.”

The Moama Local Aboriginal Land Council has been a key player in getting the organisations services to the town.

“They’ve been fantastic to us and helped a lot in getting us set up in the region so that we can provide our services here,” Nick said.

“Seeing more people in the Moama area using our services has been fantastic as it allows us to continue operating here which is crucial for those who need us.”

Interim chief officer at the Moama Local Aboriginal Land Council John Kerr said seeing the people using the program and succeeding through it has been fantastic.

“This program is something that everyone who is struggling with life can use to help them get their licenses which in a lot of cases they wouldn’t get the chance to do otherwise,” John said.

“It also has a positive knock-on effect to the whole community and gets more people needing these services using them.”

The Birrang Enterprises service has received nothing but praise from its recipients in the Moama region, even assisting people with matters outside of getting their plates.

“I know someone who they helped with issues he was having with the courts, so their assistance goes well beyond your typical driving lessons provider,” John said.

“The land council is happy to partner with Birrang and continue providing this service to the Moama region.”

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