Bushtrackers hand out big licks of cash to our town

September 29, 2017

THE BUSHTRACKER owners group was in town on Friday, September 22, holding their muster and annual dinner at Rotary Park.

The event, which had 158 seats booked out and saw 83 vans in attendance, also was a chance for the group to donate funds to organisations of their choice.

More than $26,000 was raised and then distributed to groups such as the Bamawm Extension Fire Brigade and the Rotary Club of Echuca Moama, to name just two of the seven organisations which received donations from the group.

“We had a highly successful muster that culminated in the annual dinner where more than $8300 was raised in an auction of sponsored products,” group president Greg Trent said.

“Our sponsors provide us with these products which are sold within the group at the gatherings we have throughout the year.

“As members we are pleased to be able to help with these donations and we are proud of the outcomes we achieve through these efforts.”

The group is a place for owners of the brand of caravan to come together and enjoy the journey’s they have with their mobile homes, while staying connected with others and raising funds for local organisations on their adventures.

“We have a lot of good people in the group with most being retired, who all want to help make a difference in the communities we travel through,” Greg said.

“We travel between the states throughout the year and pick different places that we think could use some assistance financially.”

The group’s influence on the communities they go through goes beyond the money raised at their musters and rallies.

“Alongside the donations we also put money into the communities we travel through, injecting them with roughly $120,000 during our stays.

“It’s a satisfying feeling going back through communities we’ve assisted and being recognised by them for the help we gave to them.”

Bushtrackers are classified as off-road caravans and come with a heavier construction and higher clearance.

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