Bull Arabs attack pet sheep

October 04, 2017

A pet sheep attacked by dogs at Mathoura

A pet sheep attacked by dogs at Mathoura

TWO white Bull Arab dogs savaged pet sheep in a Mathoura backyard last week.

The sheep were only saved from being mauled to death because their owner was home and he chased the dogs away.

The attacked happened at 6.15pm after the dogs jumped a 1m high chicken wire fence and launched an attack on a pair of one-year-old Damara sheep.

The resident, who did not want to be named, said he was horrified when he stepped out of his house to see his sheep getting attacked.

“I heard a really loud bang and thought it was just the gate blowing open in the wind. I went to check and saw my sheep on the ground getting attacked by those two dogs,” he said.

“They were holding both of the sheep down and pinning them there. They were ready to keep going until they saw me.”

The dogs fled along the football oval and headed towards the train tracks while the resident went to check on his injured pets, but he said he had a clear view of them as they fled.

Appalled by the lack of care of some owners, the resident said he’d be making sure it doesn’t happen again; with plans to put in a higher fence.

“These sheep were raised as pets, when they saw the dogs they probably thought they were going to play,” he said.

Murray River Council acting general manager Des Bilske said dog owners have a responsibility to ensure they know the whereabouts of their pets.

“It’s a problem we’re well aware of, with the number of hunting dogs in the shire,” Mr Bilske said.

“It’s really up to owners to make sure their animals are under control.

“There are significant fines against owners for dogs attacking animals and other property,” he said.

“But we seriously discourage anyone trying to control an animal problem themselves, if they can get photos or restrain the animals, rangers can come and hopefully identify the owners.

“On some occasions it can become a police matter.”

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