A lot of work to help make it a dog’s day

October 08, 2017

EVERY dog had its day made at the Campaspe Animal Shelter and Echuca Animal Rescue Service when they received boxes full of dog and cat toys crafted by clients at Murray Human Services.

A small but dedicated team of people with disabilities learnt how to sew, plait and weave together two boxes full of chew toys, pom poms and blankets to keep the animals busy.

Support worker Jeanette Parker said her clients had been looking forward to giving the toys to their furry friends for a long time.

“When we got it all finished they were really excited about having it finished and where it would end up,” she said.

“It’s been really fulfilling for them to have their project finished. They really enjoyed going out and giving the toys to the animals. It’s been really good for them.”

One box was picked up by Echuca Animal Rescue Service’s Judy Rodda, who said the animals would treasure their new toys in their new homes.

“When they get adopted out we like to send them with something they’ve played with. The toys will be going with the animals so they have something familiar to keep with them,” she said.

“The cats will definitely play with the plaited toys. They’ll have a tug of war or kick them around or throw them up in the air.”

The other box was given to the Campapse Animal Shelter by MHS clients, who gave the toys to the animals in person.

Nicole Mahncke from the Campaspe Animal Shelter said the toys would help keep the animals from getting bored.

“It helps us out a lot. We often don’t get time to make up enrichment toys for the animals. We get inundated with animals coming in and adoptions so we run out of time.”

“A lot of animals also loved the attention. It’s always an extra bonus for the animals when we get visitors.”

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