Microchip Blitz targeting 10,000 pets for the year

October 09, 2017

ECHUCA’S PetStock is holding its annual Microchip Blitz on October 21 and 22.

The blitz aims to keep pets out of pounds by offering affordable and accessible microchipping for just $10.

Microchipping normally costs $80.

Owners are encouraged to bring in dogs, cats and small animals. Unfortunately, horses, livestock, birds and reptiles will not be eligible.

Despite the rise in lost and found pet pages on social media, a recent PETstock survey of more than 800 pet owners found only eight per cent of the respondents had ever been successfully reunited with a lost pet thanks to social media. The same survey found taking a lost pet to a vet is the most common course of action for the respondents (85 per cent), meaning microchipping is still the most reliable way to reunite a lost pet with its owner.

National project manager Christine Robertson said last year’s inaugural blitz saw 8210 animals being microchipped.

This year, PETstock is aiming to microchip 10,000 pets, which will have a significant impact on lost animals being identified and returned to their owners quickly.

“Even though microchipping is compulsory in most states, there are still thousands of pets that fall through the cracks,’’ she said.

‘‘When those animals that aren’t microchipped get lost, the panic that is felt by their pet parents is devastating, especially when they realise that a simple $10 chip could have made all the difference.

“Once microchipped, pets can be tracked down online or through the local vet, so keeping registration details updated is also a must.’’

Pet parents are encouraged to visit to book a time slot.

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