Rich River 1 too good for LBU

November 02, 2017

Debbie Angove of Rich River during the CTA section 1 tennis match between Rich River and LBU. Photo by Luke Hemer.

Callum Egan of Rich River during the CTA section 1 tennis match between Rich River and LBU. Photo by Luke Hemer.

A DOMINANT Rich River 1 has maintained its top spot in section one, with a dominant 45-game win over second placed LBU.

LBU started the match with the opening set, looking strong with a three games to eight victory.

But it took until the final set of the match to claim another.

Rich River put on a clinic claiming every set between the second and 12th, to come away with the comfortable victory.

The game of the round however took place down at the lawn club, where Echuca South 1 and Echuca South 3 were separated by just three games, with South 1 getting the chocolates.

In a hotly contested match, four sets went to a tiebreak, with a number more falling within a game of deadlock.

In section two, Rochester 3 and 4 engaged in a great battle that saw team 4 take the points over team 3 by just four games.

In the Junior A section, Rochester 7’s victory over Rochester 6 was not enough to weaken the club’s dominance, with Rochester holding the top three spots in the competition.

The strong position carries over to junior B Campaspe, where the club hold second, third and fourth on the table.

In the Goulburn Murray league, Rochester and LBU both claimed wins in their respective matches.

Campaspe Tennis Association

Seniors Section 1

Echuca South 1 (6 sets, 83 games) def. Echuca South 3 (7 sets, 80 games)

H. Amrstrong and S. Brighton lost to D. Poole and B. Wright 3-8, Z. McGrath def. B. Potter 6-3, R. Caldwell and L. Beattie lost to B. Potter and J. Poole 7-8, M. Summers and D. Glen lost to R. Keil and M. Molluso, M. Summers and D. Glen lost to R. Keil and M. Mollusom 6-8, R. caldwell and D. Glen lost to O. Poole and F. Hawken 6-8, Z. McGrath and M. Summers def. B. Potter and R. Keil 8-3, H. Armstrong and M. Brighton lost to D. Poole and O. Poole 5-8, R. Caldwell and M. Brighton def. R. Keil and O. Poole 8-2, L. Dean and D. Glenn def. J. Poole and F. Hawken 8-4, L. Beattie and S. Dixon def. B. Wright and M. Molluso 8-7, S. Brighton and L. Beattien def. J. Poole and B. Wright 8-7, D. Glen and S. Dixon lost to F. Hawken and M. Molluso 7-8, H. Armstrong lost to D. Poole 3-6.

Rich River 1 (11 sets, 98 games) def. LBU 1 (2 sets, 48 games)

C. Egan and K. Bartlett lost to M. Bongiovanni and M. Stone 3-8, C. Egan def. M. Bongiovanni 6-2, D. Devereux and T. Godfrey def. B. Kellett and M. Brentnall 8-1, B. Angove and C. Emmerson def. S. Bretnall and M. Howlett 8-4, P. Godfrey and D. Angove def. T. Bacon and S. Bacon 8-3, C. Egan and P. Godfrey def. M. Bongiovanni and S. Brentnall 8-4, B. Angove and D. Devereux def. B. Kellett and T. Bacon 8-6, P. Godfrey and D. Devereux def. S. Brentnall and T. Bacon 8-7, T. Godfrey and D. Angove def. M. Stone and M. Brentnall 8-3, C. Emmerson and K. Bartlett def. M. Howlett and S. Bacon 8-3, T. Godfrey and C. Emmerson def. M. Stone and M. Howlett 8-1, D. Angove and K. Bartlett def. M. Brentnall and S. Bacon 8-0, B. Angove lost to B. Kellett 4-6.

Rochester 2 (6 sets, 86 games) def. Echuca South 2 (7 sets, 73 games)

D. Williams and L. Evans def. A. James 8-5, J. Coghill lost to A. James 4-6, N. Hocking and L. Williams lost to H. James and H. Trewick 7-8, J. Coghill and A. Ingram lost to P. Mulcahy and K. Mulcahy 6-8,

Patrick Mulcahy, R. Holmberg and L. Gledhill def. L. Molluso and H. Mulcahy 8-3, J. Coghill and D. Williams lost to A. James and L. Molluso 7-8, N. Hocking and R. Holmberg lost to H. James and P. Mulcahy 5-8, D. Williams and R. Holmberg lost to L. Molluso and P. Mulcahy 7-8, L. Evans and L. Williams def. H. Trewick and S. Mulcahy 8-5, L. Gledhill and A. Ingram def. K. Mulcahy and H. Mulcahy 8-2, L. Evans and L. Gledhill def. H. Trewick and K. Mulcahy 8-5, L. Williams and A. Ingram def. S. Mulcahy and H. Mulcahy 8-1, N. Hocking lost to H. James 2-6.

Echuca Lawn 1 (9 sets, 86 games) def. Rochester 1 (4 sets, 66 games)

H. Melville and S. Fayle def. Z. Holmberg and C. Hooppell 8-4, H. Melville lost to Z. Holmberg 6-7, I. Sinnett and M. Moss lost to T. Holmberg and S. Holmberg 2-8, D. Mackrell and F. Dobson def. H. Hooppell and N. Lehmann 8-5, R. Marks and E. Canning def. R. Vise and B. McCarty 8-5, H. Melville and D. Mackrell def. Z. Holmberg and H. Hooppell 8-2, I. Sinnett and R. Marks def. T. Holmberg and R. Vise 8-7, D. Mackrell and R. Marks def. H. Hooppell 8-5, S. Fayle and M. Moss def. C. Hooppell and S. Holmberg 8-2, F. Dobson and E. Canning def. J. Crockett and N. Lehmann 8-3, S. Fayle and F. Dobson lost to C. Hooppell and J. Crockett 4-8, M. Moss and E. Canning def. B. McCarty and N. Lehman 8-4, I. Sinnett lost to T. Holmberg 2-6.

Section 2

Elmore 1 (11 sets, 69 games) def. LBU 2 (2 sets, 36 games)

R. Byrne and J. DeMaria def. L. Ross and R. Eade 6-1, R. Byrne lost to L. Collins 3-6, J. Lee and R. Johnson def. B. Humbert and J. McNair 6-4, R. McCaskie and T. Pratt def. C. Gardiner and B. Howlett 6-1, B. Niven and A. Rosaia lost to L. Collins and K. Duncan 0-6, R. Byrne and R. McCaskie def. L. Collins and M. Jones 6-0, J. Lee and J. Holmberg def. C. Gardiner and B. Humbert 6-0, B. Niven and J. Holmberg def. M. Jones and L. Ross 6-3, R. Johnson and J. DeMaria def. J. McNair and B. Howlett 6-2, A. Rosaia and C. Holmberg def. K. Duncan and R. Eade 6-4, R. Johnson and T. Pratt def. J. McNair and K. Duncan 6-4, J. DeMaria and C. Holmberg def. B. Howlett and R. Eade 6-4, J. lee def. C. Gardiner 6-1.

Rochester 4 (7 sets, 60 games) def. Rochester 3 (6 sets, 56 games)

R. Fiedler and R. Wolfe def. C. Murray and K. Gebbie 6-3, B. Fiedler lost to C. Murray 1-6, B. Fiedler and C. Fiedler def. R. Else and V. Snelling 6-4, J. Baker and H. hocking def. J. Palmer and J. McCormick 6-0, J. Hocking and M. Baker lost to W. Leahy and S. Chapman 3-6, B. Fiedler and R. Fiedler def. C. Murray and J. Palmer 6-3, J. Baker and J. Hocking def. R. Else and W. Leahy 6-4, R. Fiedler and J. Hocking def. J. Palmer and W. Leahy 6-4, C. Fiedler and H. Hocking def. K. Gebbie and V. Snelling 6-1, R. Wolfe and M. Baker lost to J. McCormick and S. Chapman 3-6, C. Fiedler and R. Wolfe lost to K. Gebbie and J. McCormick 6-7, H. Hocking and B. Baker lost to V. Snelling and S. Chapman 1-6, J. baker lost to R. Else 4-6.

Rich River 2 (13 sets,78 games) def. Colbinabbin 1 (0 sets, 0 games) by forfeit

Junior A

Rochester 7 (5 sets, 40 games) def. Rochester 6 (3 sets, 37 games)

LBU 3 (5 sets, 40 games) def. Echuca South 5 (3 sets, 39 games)

Rochester 5 (5 sets, 38 games) def. Echuca South 4 (3 sets, 26 games)

Bye: LBU 4

Junior B Campaspe

Rochester 10 (4 sets, 31 games) def. Echuca Lawn 2 (2 sets, 23 games)

Echuca South 6 (5 sets, 34 games) def. Rochester 8 (1 set, 21 games)

LBU 5 (5 sets, 35 games) def. Elmore 2 (1 set, 19 games)

Echuca South 7 (4 sets, 31 games) def. Rochester 9 (2 sets, 23 games)

Bye: Colinabbin 2

Junior B Murray

Rochester 12 (4 sets, 32 games) def. Rochester 11 (2 sets, 24 games)

LBU 7 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 6 (0 sets, 18 games)

Echuca South 8 (4 sets, 33 games) def. Rich River 3 (2 sets, 29 games)

Echuca South 9 (5 sets, 34 games) def. Rochester 13 (1 set, 17 games)

Junior C

Rochester 16 (3 sets, 30 games) def. Rochester 15 (3 sets, 26 games)

Rich River 4 (5 sets, 34 games) def. Elmore 3 (1 set, 26 games)

Echuca Lawn 3 (4 sets, 26 games) def. LBU 8 (2 sets, 26 games)

Rochester 14 (5 sets, 34 games) def. LBU 9 (1 set, 9 games)



Tongala (11 sets, 80 games) def. Echuca South (0 sets, 44 games)

C. Nexhip def. J. Godfrey 6-4, D. Nexhip def. K. Coatsworth 6-3, L. Johnstone def. T. Godfrey 6-2, A. Nexhip def. H. Poole 6-3, C. Nexhip and D. Brennan def. J. Godfrey and S. Coatesworth 8-3, D. Nexhip and D. Brennan def. K. Coatesworth and S. Coatesworth 8-7, L. Johnstone and S. McGill def. T. Godfrey and K. Taylor 8-3, A. Nexhip and S. McGill def. H. Poole and K. Taylor 8-5, C. Nexhip and S. McGill def. J. Godfrey and K. Taylor 8-4, D. Nexhip and L. Johnstone def. S. Coatesworth and T. Godfrey 8-6, D. Brennan and A. Nexhip def. K. Coatsworth and H. Poole 8-4.


Lockington Bamawm United (7 sets, 76 games) def. Kyabram Bombers (6 sets, 64 games)

J. Mundie def. D. Saywel 6-4, G. Humbert lost to J. Liversidge 1-6, J. Mundie and I. Haines def. D. Saywell and B. Norton 8-3, G. Humbert and S. Newton lost to J. Liversidge and L. Holden 4-8, I. Haines and S. Netwon lost to B. Norton and L. Holden 1-8, K. Condliffe and N. bacon lost to M. Porch and A. Pycroft 5-8, L. Toohey and M. haines def. L. Saywell and T. Leahy 8-1, K. Condliffe and L. toohey lost to M. Porch and L. Saywell 5-8, N. Bacon and M. Haines def. A. Pycroft and T. Leahy 8-2, J. Mundie and K. Condliffe def. D. Saywell and M. Porch 8-3, G. Humbert and N. Bacon def. L. Holden and A. Pycroft 8-2, S. Newton and L. Toohey def. B. Norton and T. Leahy 8-3, I. Haines and M. haines lost to J. Liversidge and L. Saywell 6-8.

Tatura Curlews (9 sets, 90 games) def. Echuca Cats (4 sets, 73 games)

M. Williams lost to R. More 5-6, D. Smith def. E. McGregor 6-0, M. Williams and R. Thorley lost to R. More and S. Hope 4-8, D. Smith and R. Ballantyne def. E. McGregor and R. McGregor 8-7, R. thorley and R. Ballantyne lost to S. Hope and R. McGregor 4-8, K. Ballantyne and K. Morse def. R. McCluskey and T. Hunt 8-7, H. Thorley and K. Ballantyne def. L. Alberni and R. McCluskey 8-4, D. Russell and K. Morse def. J. Townrow and T. Hunt 8-6, M. Williams and D. Russell def. R. More and L. Alberni 8-6, R. ballantyne and K. ballantyne lost to R. McGregor and J. Townrow 7-8, D. Smith and K. Morse def. S. Hope and R. McCluskey 8-6, R. Thorley and H. Thorley def. E. McGregor and T. Hunt 8-5.

Rochester (11 sets, 95 games) def. Kyabram Redbacks (3 sets, 60 games)

J. Dingwall def. M. Cox 6-2, E. Taylor def. S. McConnell 6-3, S. Ingram lost to E. Cox 4-6, E. Ingram lost to M. Hooper 5-6, J. Dingwall and J. Ingram def. M. Cox and T. Goode 8-5, E. Taylor and C. Gledhill def. S. McConnell and J. Wearne 8-6, J. Ingram and C. Gledhill def. T. Goode and J. Wearne 8-3, S. Ingram and R. Majors lost to E. Cox and S. Bennett 2-8, E. Ingram and K. Lee def. M. Hooper and L. Bennett 8-6, R. Major and K. Lee def. S. Bennett and L. Bennett 8-2, J. Dingwall and S. Ingram def. T. Goode and S. Bennett 8-6, C. Gledhill and R. Major def. M. Cox and E. Cox 8-2, J. Ingram and E. Ingram def. J. Wearne and M. Hooper 8-2, E. Taylor and K. Lee def. S. McConnell and L. Bennett 8-3.

Bye: Echuca Bulldogs

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