Data shows CFA is on time and target

November 04, 2017

ECHUCA CFA crews have hit their targets for almost all incidents, according to new emergency response time data.

The data, publicly released for the first time on Monday, shows the CFA responded to 95 per cent of all incidents within its 10-minute target between April 1 and June 30.

Echuca Fire Brigade captain Paul Nicoll said his team responded to 22 primary code one events and 12 code three events (34 calls in total) during that time.

‘‘We arrived at one of these events 19 seconds outside the required time,’’ he said.

‘‘This event was to a smoke alarm that had been sounding for some time at a residential premises and it was a false alarm and was at a location some distance from the station.’’

Mr Nicoll said the location of the new station and the building itself had presented some response challenges, particularly during business hours.

‘‘Previously we had no issues because the station was in the CBD so members were able to access the station and respond quite quickly,’’ he said.

‘‘Our target time was mostly 100 per cent. This has changed with the new station as access is rather more difficult.

‘‘We are currently working with CFA with a view to improve response capabilities at the new location, particularly during business hours.’’

CFA chief officer Steve Warrington said the release of the data was an important accountability measure and would help drive improvements in CFA’s service delivery and allocation of resources.

‘‘The response time data ... shows just what a highly capable firefighting organisation we are and the public has every right to be confident in our ability to keep them safe,’’ he said.

‘‘What it also shows is there is always room for improvement and this is something we must and are addressing.

‘‘The community can be rest assured that CFA is well placed to fulfil its critical role. We will always look to improve and as we move into summer, our people – volunteer and career firefighters — stand capable, committed and ready to perform their duty to the highest standards.’’

CFA will continue to publish quarterly emergency response time data into the future.

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