Shooters celebrate anniversary

November 06, 2017

ECHUCA-MOAMA Field and Game Club celebrated its 26th anniversary with a 100 target off-the-gun shoot at its ground on Barnes Rd, Moama, on October 15.

ECHUCA-MOAMA Field and Game Club celebrated its 26th anniversary with a 100 target off-the-gun shoot at its ground on Barnes Rd, Moama, on October 15.

A total of 136 shooters took to the two courses, with the north end of the ground set by past president Craig Scott, while the south end was set by former treasurer Daryl Scott.

Craig’s course started with a rabbit target paired with an incoming standard, providing a quality station to ease into the day’s shooting.

By station three, shooters were being challenged with an outgoing midi, with shooters needing to move the gun quickly to have a chance at beating the smaller than average targets, as well as a high tree top target.

The final stage of the north end contained six targets: an overhead target came, followed by a ‘bee’, a tiny target thrown from the right of the stand.

The third target was a low looping target which flew directly in front of the shooter, while three targets were thrown in multiple combinations to make up the last six targets of the 25 targets required for the round.

Daryl’s course started out to the left of the club’s tower.

Station two incorporated a high target thrown to the east of the big tower, followed by a rabbit target out in front.

After having two shots at each target, a pair was thrown, giving shooters only one shot at each.

Station four made use of the small truck, with a target coming over the trees from the shooters left, followed by a crow out in front of the station.

A sim pair followed, with shooters having to shoot the first target quickly to have the time to shoot the second target before it hit the ground.

Daryl’s final station consisted of a battue target coming in at shooters, followed by a low looping target from the right.

It was on this station that squad 23 watched on as club president Ricky Keirl completed the only perfect round of 25 for the day.

With WIKA and Townrow Quality Seed Grading Services sponsoring the day, the club was able to offer prizes from first to fifth place in every grade and category, as well as awarding High Gun for the shooter with the best overall score.

President Ricky Keirl thanked both for their generous support of the club before presenting winners with their prizes.

Wayne Stiff, from Wodonga Field and Game, was too good on the day, shooting 22, 24, 23, 23 (92) to secure him the title of High Gun.

Echuca-Moama’s Keirl was close on his heels, with a score of 90 giving him the win in AA grade.

First in other grades include Echuca-Moama’s Nick Dean in A grade on 86, his daughter Kiara taking ladies with 77, Oliver Draper in B grade on 78, C grade going to Andrew Portelli on 72, Roger Kerslake won Vets with 80, Shepparton’s Harry Wilkie won juniors on 78, and James McIntyre won sub juniors with a score of 60.

The next shoot, to be held on November 19, is a 75 target handicap shoot starting at 10am.

Bob the Blindman from Echuca is the sponsor for this shoot.

Following the regular shoot, Echuca-Moama Field and Game also held a come and try day on October 29, with 35 people coming along to try clay target shooting in a safe and fun environment.

After filling in a participation form and having a safety demonstration, participants were taken by experienced shooters to shoot at five different targets over five different stations.

The stations consisted of a nice floating incomer, a rabbit target, a crow, a straight away target and a slightly harder crossing target.

All participants had a great time learning about shooting and gun safety, with every person shooting some targets and then enjoying a sausage in bread, a nice cold drink and a friendly chat with members.

This is the second year the club has provided this day free of charge and members were happy with the number of people who attended.

Days like this aren’t possible without the hardworking members who volunteered their time to set up the stations, help visitors fill in the required paperwork, those who took participants to shoot and cooked the barbecue and the people who helped to pack up at the end of the day.

High Gun:Wayne Stiff (92).

AA Grade:1st: Ricky Keirl (90), 2nd: Greg Morey (89), 3rd: Mark Gibbs (89), 4th: Jack Gibbs (87), 5th: Chris Charleson (84).

A Grade:1st: Nick Dean (86), 2nd: Ron Trimble (86), 3rd: Leo Hatzigiannis (85), 4th: Peter Wilkie (84), 5th: Stephen Penglase (84).

B Grade:1st: Oliver Draper (78), 2nd: Andrew Passas (75), 3rd: Vinnie Molluso (73), 4th: Richard Avery (72), 5th: Matt Chivers (69).

C Grade:1st: Andrew Portelli (72), 2nd: Daniel Jordan (70), 3rd: Fred Zito (67), 4th: Peter Keirl (66), 5th: Jeffery Bingham (65).

Vets:1st: Roger Kerslake (80), 2nd: Frank Dick (79), 3rd: Rocky Furci (77), 4th: Ian Poole (69), 5th: John Howe (65).

Ladies:1st: Kiara Dean (77), 2nd: Nyrie Turner (70), 3rd: Vicki Norris (68), 4th: April Thompson (68), 5th: Emma Keirl (63).

Juniors:1st: Harry Wilkie (78), 2nd: Xavier Russell (72), 3rd: Finlay Chivers (57), 4th: Jordon Smith (46), 5th: Molly Nicholson (41).

Sub Juniors:1st: James McIntyre (60), 2nd: Lachlan Adams (37), 3rd: Oscar Mounsey (16), 4th: Dekoda Dean (13).

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