Dream teams

November 09, 2017

AS SPORTS fans we have all thought at least once about dream matches.

We all have one we want to see.

I have a way around that personally.

I like pro wrestling.

Before you stop reading — I know it’s not a sport — bear with me.

I love WWE (previously WWF).

You’ve probably heard a few names from the industry — Hulk Hogan, ‘‘Macho Man’’ Randy Savage, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

And from the golden days of Australian wrestling, Mario Milano.

It’s not quite sport though — sport is a genuine contest after all.

The reason I bring up wrestling this week is because there is some awesome stuff happening in that world right now.

The huge news is that Chris Jericho, a 27-year veteran of the industry, will wrestle Kenny Omega in Japan in January.

I don’t expect you to have heard of Kenny but in short Kenny is the second best performer in the world.

Now to me as a fan, this is what I consider a ‘‘dream match.’’

So, when this was announced, I sat there for a while contemplating some of the great dream matches I would love to see across sport.

And for the sake of this, I’m going to say time differences don’t matter.

Top of that list, I would love to get to see the 2001-2003 Brisbane Lions play the 2013-2015 Hawthorn side.

Imagine those battles.

At opposite ends of the ground, you have Buddy and you have big Jonathan Brown.

In the middle, Sam Mitchell and Simon Black going head to head.

And you have two of the greatest captains the game has ever known in Hodge and Voss leading their sides.

In American football, I’d love to see a Joe Montana-led 49ers up against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

It could finally settle the argument I so often engage in — is Tom the greatest of all time?

For the record, yes, yes he is.

The clash of two recent Ashes 5-0 sides would be amazing.

I love Mitch Johnson as much as anyone and enjoyed that series so much.

But I have never seen a better fast bowler than Glenn McGrath.

And as a Tasmanian, you cannot tell me Ricky Ponting is not the finest player of the last 50 years.

It will work fine, Michael Clarke can play in the 13/14 team, replace him with Damien Martyn in the 06/07 side since he played the first two Tests.

And of course, Tyson and Ali, the dream fight to end all dream fights.

The thing about wrestling is that it is an outlet of fantasy no different to Game of Thrones.

Although not as well written.

But the cool thing about wrestling is that these dream matches, once in a while — like Hulk Hogan and The Rock in 2002 — happen.

Now that’s what I call fantasy sports.

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