Mathoura, River River bowls reports

November 10, 2017


Division one (home vs Rochester): T. Mansbridge (s), L. Bates, A. Hulm, C. Roberts; M. Humphries (s), D. Hicks, D. Vallance, I. Hunter; A. Vesty (s), R. Werner, L. Bates, T. Starkey, R. Ireland.

Division two (away vs Rochester): M. Lewis (s), R. Murphy, D. Murray, P. Kearney; M. McDonald (s), B. Murray, S. O’Callaghan, B. Ireland; A. Murphy (s), K. Crack, G. Hulm, S. Limbrick.

Division four (home vs Rochester): A. Prime (s), P. Lewis, P. Cowley, J. McKellar; L. Whelan (s), P. Limbrick, P. Clear, B. Papworth; D. Berryman (s), B. McMillan, B. Pell, C. Phippen. Emergencies: P. Thorpe, J. Dean.Over 60s

Bright sunny conditions were encountered at Wednesday’s venue, Mathoura Bowling Club with a gentle breeze only hampered by a few flies.

Club delegate Stan Limbrick, ably assisted by Bruce Papworth, had the afternoon well organized.

Both grass greens were full with 26 teams totalling 104 bowlers enjoying competitive and friendly social bowling with plenty of banter going on. It was also good to see Gabby Hayes back on deck.

There were three teams in the final playoff.

The Echuca team - Eddy Smith (s), Nev Mott, Max Tuohill and Bazil Brereton - with two strikes fell by the wayside.

Runner-up was the team from Moama; Kevin Connolly (s), John Solomon, Ron Jones and Wayne Whitney, with two bowls within the yard stick.

Winners, with three bowls within the yardstick was a mixed team - Max Kerr (s), Jim Stapleton, John Exton and David Blackburn.

A great afternoon event enjoyed by all. The next venue is Rochester on Wednesday, November 15, starting at 1pm.

Rich River

Friday’s mixed indoor bowls were won by Elaine Murphy (s), Joan Parker and Pat Squire.

Runners-up were Bob Pascoe (s), Dorothy Bremner, Janette Robertson and Shirley Davis.

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