Picking up a few doggy tips

November 25, 2017

DOG owners will have the chance to get expert training tips in Echuca next month.

Qualified dog trainer Kathleen Kemp of ACE Dogs is the presenter for the second free community session on December 14 at the Campaspe Shire offices. The focus will be on clicker training and socialisation and is hosted by Campaspe Animal Shelter operations manager Kate Kemp.

Despite the confusion of names, dog owners will be in the hands of two of the best when it comes to training your pooch.

Kathleen said it is up to humans to help our companion animals understand what we want of them.

‘‘Clicker training is a way of communicating with our animals that is fun and that they can understand,’’ she said.

‘‘It is used to train any animal by using a marker to let the animal know at that moment they are doing what we, as trainers, want them to do.

‘‘By using a clicker we can train animals and/or change behaviour much faster while strengthening the human-animal bond.’’

Kathleen said clicker training is used with positive reinforcement and actually does not work unless you pair the click with something the animal loves — usually food.

‘‘Dogs are great to clicker train,’’ she said.

‘‘Clicker training is a skill and needs to be done properly to be effective — I will explain how.’’

Kathleen will also explain the importance of socialisation.

‘‘Socialisation is not just exposing our companion animals to all sorts of people, animals, sights and sounds,’’ she said.

‘‘If this is the only thing we set out to do then we may do the opposite of socialising and instead make our companion animals fearful.

‘‘Socialisation is about creating positive experiences, timing and distance.’’

The free presentation will be at the function room from 6.30-8.30pm. Numbers are limited so booking is essential.

‘‘We hope many people will come along as it is a great opportunity for animal lovers and owners to broaden their knowledge base on training techniques, and get expert advice all for free,’’ Kate said.

‘‘We find these sessions invaluable. The information and techniques shown by Kathleen help us to ensure we are keeping up with the current training techniques and continue to offer the best care we can to our furry companions.’’

RSVP to Kate Kemp at the Campaspe Animal Shelter on 5480 3005 or email [email protected]

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