Slow down before someone is killed

November 27, 2017

MOTORISTS are using Moama’s Shaw St like a race track and risk killing themselves and others, according to a concerned resident.

MOTORISTS are using Moama’s Shaw St like a race track and risk killing themselves and others, according to a concerned resident.

The man, who does not wish to be named for fear of reprisal, lives part-time in Moama and is alarmed by what he has seen in the past 18 months.

He said Holmes St from Old Deni Rd was 100km/h before reducing to 50km/h to become Shaw St, just east of Murray St, and motorists were blatantly ignoring the speed limit.

‘‘Drivers still continue on at between 75km/h to 100km/h up to Council St. They put the pedal to the metal and off they go,’’ he said.

‘‘It will end in a fatal prang or a kid getting run over.’’

He said the number of children in this area had increased over this time, but the speeding culture continued.

‘‘A friend of mine’s daughter almost got hit on her pushbike and I saw another kid on a bike nearly cleaned up by a car,’’ he said.

‘‘More houses are being built around here and many have young kids in them.

‘‘I wonder if a catastrophic event like a child being hit by one of these morons would wake people up?’’

The man said parents taking or collecting their children from school were some of the main offenders.

‘‘One couple who remonstrated regarding my efforts to slow motorists down ironically had a small child in their vehicle,’’ he said.

‘‘Sadly these idiots will continue on regardless of others safety, they are a ‘blame somebody else’ or ‘I don’t know what consequences are’ generation.’’

As well as wanting drivers to slow down, the man said he would like to see an increased police presence in this area.

‘‘I want to see these idiots booked and taken off the roads,’’ he said.

‘‘However, while one is being booked for doing 10km/h over the limit, another half dozen are going past.

‘‘Police need camera cars as it would stop these idiots from doing 40-50km/h over the limit.’’

Sergeant Peter Kirk of Deniliquin Traffic and Highway Patrol Command said he was aware of speeding occurring in Shaw St and officers had been targeting the area.

In the past six months, four people have been caught speeding in Shaw St; three on November 11.

Two of them were driving at 20km/h over the limit and one was 10km/h over.

‘‘We’re always concerned when motorists aren’t driving safely,’’ Sgt Kirk said.

He said most speeding offences in this area occurred during holiday time with increased traffic.

‘‘There seems to be a good enough police presence in this area. We could always have more, but I can only work with the staff that I have,’’ he said.

‘‘With the resources we have, we will endeavour to address every complaint.

‘‘There are no plans to increase police presence in the immediate future, but come holiday time when we get an influx of tourists we will try to increase it to that area.’’

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