Fuel prices — enjoy them while they are still so low

November 29, 2017

THE average price of fuel in the twin towns is lower than Melbourne.

No, you didn’t read that wrong — for the first time in a long time, the hip pocket cops less of a thumping when you fill up in our towns.

City dwellers are shelling out 16 cents per litre more than their country counterparts

Unleaded prices in Echuca-Moama are sitting just above 132 cents per litre, while metro drivers are paying an eye-watering 148 cents.

But while we may be faring better than Melbourne, statistics from the RACV showed our region is far from immune to hefty hikes at the bowser.

RACV’s vehicle engineering manager Michael Case said since August 1 average prices in Echuca have risen from 119.8 to 132.4.

“Most of this increase occurred late October where we observed many regional towns increasing prices – most likely an adjustment for increasing wholesale prices,” he said.

“Prices in Echuca had very quickly increased from 122.3 to 139.9 between October 24 and October 30.

“They then decreased to 132.4 by November 2 and have stabilised at that price.”

Mr Case said RACV’s evidence suggests prices are not affected by public holidays.

“Prices have normalised at 132.4, however with increasing wholesale prices it is still possible that regional prices may readjust.

“But we see no justification for an increase in prices over the holiday period.”

In a submission to the parliamentary inquiry into fuel prices in regional Victoria, the RACV said regional prices were on average 2.2 cents per litre more than Melbourne’s average price of 122.8 in 2016-17.

“These differences always relate to competition,” Mr Case said.

“Fuel prices are not regulated and retailers are free to charge what they like, so it’s the market at work.”

The RACV used its submission to champion the implementation of a fuel monitoring system in Victoria similar to the NSW Government’s FuelCheck website.

FuelCheck is an online resource that provides real-time information about fuel prices at service stations across NSW.

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