City of Echuca almost perfect

November 29, 2017

Live Liverton of Moama during the CVBD weekend pennant div 1 match between Rich River and Moama. Photo by Luke Hemer.

Trevor Nagorcka of Rich River during the CVBD weekend pennant div 1 match between Rich River and Moama. Photo by Luke Hemer.

City of Echuca

CITY of Echuca teams continued to perform well in Saturday’s weekend pennant.

Four of the five divisions were, once again, successful in their matches.

Division one put in another good performance to win all three rinks against Mathoura.

Division two also played against Mathoura and returned home with a narrow three-shot victory. All three games were close in this match.

Division three was against Moama and continued good form to win by 23 shots, with all three rinks recording victories.

Division four played at home against Mathoura and in another close match, eventually lost by six shots.

Eddie Smith’s team of Bob Pratt, Wayne McPoyle and Keith McGowan combined well to win its game by 11 shots.

Division five recorded a strong 14-shot win against Deniliquin Gold, with David Peck, Linda Ormando, John Cowan and Jim Stapleton winning their game by 17 shots.

Several City of Echuca bowlers competed in the Victorian Open last week.

Joan Moss performed very well during the week, reaching the last 16 of the ladies singles. She also combined with Ros Neil and Marie Malone to reach the quarter-finals of the triples. A great effort.

Bowls results

Mixed triples - Monday, November 13

1st: Jim Ferrier, Lyn Snell and Trevor Rickard

Kennaugh Triples - Tuesday, November 14

1st: Russell Kelly, Helen Pitts and Marie Malone, 2: Steve Cunnington, Michelle Cunnington and Leica Roney.

Best last game: C Butler, P Butler and Tom Maher.

Mixed triples - Monday, November 20

1st: John Kelly, Joan Armstrong and Trevor Rickard, 2: Bill Curnow, Vera Curnow and John Simpson

Ladies social bowls – Tuesday, November 21

1st: Bernie Johns and Jan Palmer.

Men’s Pairs - Thursday, November 23

1: Brian O’Meara and Rob Anset, 2: Garth Wiffen and Alan Clements.

Vouchers: Ray Milne, Col Berryman, Phil Denham and Peter Lomas.

Friday’s midweek pennant round eight teams

Division one white (away vs Moama): M. Cunnington (s), R. Gallagher, K. Evans, L. Brown; J. Fairchild (s), L. Roney, L. Snell, N. Hall; R. Opie (s), L. Beattie, H. Trotter, J. Palmer.

Division one blue (home vs Rochester): M. Shearer (s), E. McGowan, L. Robson, A. Vanderkley; H. Pitts (s), M. Malone, C. Moss, R. Neil; J. Moss (s), E. Thomas, J. Armstrong, J. Cowley.

Division three (away vs Moama): B. Johns (s), J. Breen, B. Chong, V. Balfour; L. Ormando (s), F. Spiers, M. Hoelter, R. Hyland.

Saturday’s weekend pennant round eight team

Division one (away vs Rich River): G. Beattie (s), G. Halden, M. Evans, T. Hawley; P. Thorn (s), S. Cunnington, I. Hicks, J. Ferrier; G. Page (s), B. Reiner, S. Glasser, J. Dinsdale.

Division two (home vs Rich River): J. Thomas (s), J. O’Brien, N. Hodge, C. Taylor; T. Egan (s), E. Blampied, R. Milne, C. Berryman; J. Brown (s) I. Whiting, L. Whyte, B. Toll.

Division three (home vs Rich River): B. Cook (s), T. Deenen, D. Portwine, B. Palmer; C. Moss (s), M. Bennett, G. Irish, G. Tarrant; N. West (s), J. Blair, B. Curnow, P. Phyland.

Division four (away vs Rich River): J. Aitken (s), J. Dignan, L. Snell, T. Rickard; J. Hollowood (s), J. Moss, K. McAsey, J. Catanese; E. Smith (s), K. McGowan, W. McPoyle, B. Pratt.

Division five (away vs Deni Blue): S. McCarthy (s), L. Ormando, J. Cowan, A. Blaser; C. Walker (s), J. Simpson, B. Charman. J. Kelly. Emergencies: J. Armstrong, B. Chong, J. Stapleton.


THE final of the CVBD Mens State Pairs was played at Deniliquin RSL on Sunday.

It started in fine conditions, which quickly deteriorated. Lightning, thunder and rain continued for most of the game, creating some short delays.

The Deniliquin pair of Lindsay Franklin and Shane Laing settled better than City of Echuca pair Wayne Brooks and Phillip Thorn and went to an early 7-1 lead.

After eight ends the Echuca pair was only two shots down.

The weather caused some concern to the players and spectators, but it didn’t deter the Deniliquin pair which gradually drew away to a 17-10 lead.

The concentration and quality of draw bowling from both teams had to be admired in the prevailing weather.

Even during the 18th and last end Phillip and Wayne could have produced a tie, but Lindsay Franklin and Shane Laing held on to be the 2017/18 champions and represent the CVBD at regional level.


NO MIDWEEK games were played due to the Vic Open being played.

Saturday’s weekend pennant saw division one fall 54-76 away to Echuca.

Division two lost at home to Echuca, 69-72.

Division four had a win against Echuca, 71-65.

Club championships

Men’s 25UP singles: L. Vallance d R. Murphy, I. Hunter d G. Hulm.

Mixed pairs: R. Shea/L. Vallance d J. Chalmers/L. Bates.

The final between D. / B. Murray and R. Shea / L. Vallance will be played at a date to be advised, please check at the bowls office.

Men’s pairs draw is on display at the bowls office, please arrange to play your games.

Social bowls: barefoot bowls, December 6 and 13, 6.30pm at the club for a 7pm start. $6 green fee. Contact the club on 5880 3200.Moama

Indoor bowls

Sunday, November 26 - Indoor Social Bowls: Winners: J. Bronquest, Lyn McVicker, Lance Forster. Runners-up: K. Hopper, Johanna Height, Pat Nash.

Tuesday, November 21 - Indoor Social Bowls: Winners: Bev Williamson, Janette Robinson, Joan Heals, Tony O’Dwyer. Runners-up: Dot Ryan, Colin Hicks, Pat Nash.

Outdoor Bowls

Sunday, November 26 - Roast Mixed Pairs: Winners: Cheryl Doherty, Peter Gilmore. Runners-up: Lorna Jones, Rick Simpson. Consolation: Kevin Connolly, Carmel Simpson, Ray Sullivan and Mary Kaine.

Thursday, November 23 - Mens Pairs: Winners: John Shaw, Rob Wastell. Runners-up: Ken Maynard, Alan Jones. Consolation: John Solomon, Tom Porter. J. Crewdson, P. Nicholls.

Thursday, November 23 – Ladies Scroungers: Winner: Lorna Jones. Runner-up: Lucy Sheppard. Consolation: Glenys Bailey, Deidre Height, June Studd, Heather Bakoff.

Tuesday, November 21 - Alby Matthews Triples: Winner: Ken Maynard, Noel Milgate, Brian Harper. Runners-up: Dudley Kaine, Barry Barbary, Gordon Johnston. Consolation: John Kiely, K. Repper, Ian McGregor / John Shaw, Alan Buzza, Arch Bailey.

Tuesday, November 21 - Ladies Social: Winners: Gail Palmer, Lyn Rogan. Runners-up: Bev Trengove, Lois Barbary. Consolation: Pam Leibhardt, Lyn Docherty / Helen Sullivan, Heather Bakoff.

Friday’s midweek pennant round eight teams

Division one (home vs Echuca White): L. Smith, M. Young, S. Connolly, M. Stephenson (s); M. Spizer, M. Meulenkamp, B. Trengove, B. Eddy (s), R. Goudge, M. Brennan, M. Rehe, M. Roberts (s)

Division two (home vs Mathoura): L. Jones, D. Armstrong, C. Ritchie, K. Wastell (s); L. Barbary, J. McDonald, D. Hogan, K. Gillingham (s); B. Bell, S. Abraham, P. Leibhardt, L. Rogan (s).

Division three vs (home vs Echuca): I. Lacis, K. Brennan, E. Milgate, M. Gleeson (s); C. Pell, G. Bailey, C. Butcher, A. Matchett (s).

Saturday’s weekend pennant round eight teams

Division one (away vs Mathoura): G. Pettigrove, G. Dorward, S. Barker, B. Brennan (s); B. Davie, A. Birch, M. Liverton, K. Brennan (s); R. Bunting, J. Hogan, R. Wastell, K. Liverton (s).

Division two (away vs Mathoura): R. Allen, J. Rankin, G. O’Brien, V. Rehe (s); P. Broom, A. Bailey, B. Cuttriss, L. Saunderson (s); K. Young, G. Johnston, B. Trengove, R. Young (s).

Division three (away vs Elmore): K. Maynard, D. Alden, M. Holmes, A. Jones (s); A. Buzza, D. Blackburn, B. Franklin, I. McGregor (s); F. Darazs, K. Connolly, N. Varcoe, N. Bamford (s).

Division four (home vs Mathoura): I. Smith, P. Bell, B. O’Connell, N. Milgate (s); G. Iredell, J. Shaw, P. Walton, R. Ritchie (s); J. Kiely, S. Plowman, B. Barbary, S. Sutton (s).

Division five (away vs Deni Gold): K. Sipthorp, D. Kaine, R. Nelly, J. Kirkpatrick (s); B. Hill, A. McQuarie, N. Bullard, W. Wadge.Moama RSL

TWENTY players played three games of 10 ends.

The winners on 48 points were Tony O’Dwyer (s), Colin Hicks and Pat Benson.

Runners-up with 37 points were Pamela Reyment (s), Dennis Lee and Ron Stranger.

Consolation prizes went to Derek Smith, Phyllis Eley and June Simpson.

Rich River

THE club’s singles championship is down to the semi-final stage, with Tim Noar to play Ian Page and Merv Harvey to play Trevor Nagorcka.

The final of the minor singles championship will be decided when Ashley French and Renn Ritchie play.

Social bowls was held on November 28 with 26 ladies playing in hot conditions.

Winners were Phil Stiles, Marg Young, Joy Kelly, while runners-up were Marg Griffiths, Prill Edgar, Lesley Mitchell.

Sponsor for the morning was Moama Bakery.

On Tuesday, December 5 we are hosting a Christmas get-together with the Lockington Bowls Ladies.

Please wear seasonal dress for the occasion. Check noticeboard for details.

Jackpot pairs

Winners: Denis Arthur and Warwick Styles.

Runners-up: Greg Clymo and Merv Harvey.

Third place: Max Kosch and Bruce O’Neale.

Repechage: Max Bidgood and Franco Perissinotto.

Indoor bowls

Winners: Max Kerr (s), Win Kneebone, Janette Robertso and Dot Brereton.

Runners-up: Bob Pascoe (s), Beryl Kerr, Joan Parker and John Fatone.

Friday’s midweek pennant round eight teams

Division one (home vs Deniliquin): L. Easther (s), L. Barker, L. Williams, B. Petch; R. Wheeler (s), R. Sharp, J. White, J. Vise; V. Noar (s), M. Griffiths, T. Beck, M. Young.

Division two (home vs Lockington): P. Stiles (s), A. Kosch, M. Spinks, M. Smith; M. Stevens (s), S. McGann, H. Freeman, F. Galvin; J. Hocken (s), C. McKenzie, P. Edgar, N. King.

Division three (home vs Deniliquin): E. Pineo (s), L. Mitchell, J. Kelly, S. Harvey; P. Sehestedt (s), B. Linquist, J. Luke, G. Brewster.

Saturday’s weekend pennant round eight teams

Division one (home vs Echuca): T. Nagorcka (s), B. Devlin, G. Moffat, A. French; M. Harvey (s), M. Kosch, K. Jones, K. Martin; R. Taylor (s), T. Noar, J. Shaw, P. Moon.

Division two (away vs Echuca): M. Bidgood (s), R. King, R. Ritchie, A. Hawken; N. Dixon (s), D. Wood, G. Clymo, R. Brereton; I. Page (s), R. Holmfield, G. Stevens, G. Devlin.

Division three (away vs Echuca): R. Bentley (s), R. Berryman, F. Perissinotto, N. Brereton; B. Watts (s), L. Sharp, W. Stiles, B. McEwan; V. Woods (s), J. James, B. Cox, A. Linquist.

Division four (home vs Echuca): D. Sehestedt (s), J. Exton, J. Stuart, B. Wheeler; M. Kerr (s), K. Robertson, M. Mitchell, K. Rowan; M. Whyte (s), G. Kiefel, R. Thomas, D. Jay.

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