Lawn cuts it fine against South

November 29, 2017

Claire Hogan Rich River during the CTA section 2 tennis match between Rich River and Elmore. Photo by Luke Hemer.

Josh Bavich of Rich River. Photo by Luke Hemer.

Marcia Spiers of Rich River during the CTA section 2 tennis match between Rich River and Elmore. Photo by Luke Hemer.

THIS week’s CTA matches saw among the better wins of the season for some sides, who put on dominant performances .

The battle between Echuca Lawn 1 and Echuca South 2 provided the match of the round, with Lawn gaining a four-game victory over their co-tenants.

In the juniors, some of the best tennis of the season was played.

Junior A provided the match of the week, as Rochester 6 and LBU 4 engaged in a tight tussle, with Rochester claiming the match by just a single game.

In the GMLTA West, the four local sides — Echuca Bulldogs and Cats, as well as Rochester and LBU — all took on each other, with the Cats and Rochester getting the wins.


Section 1

Rochester 2 (7 sets, 79 games) def. Echuca South 6 (6 sets, 66 games)

G. Tiller and S. Ingram lost to H. Armstrong and L. Beattie 7-8, J. Coghill lost to H. Armstrong 4-6, N. Hocking and L. Williams def. M. Brighton and S. Brighton 8-1, J. Coghill and L. Ward def. M. Summers and S. Dixon 8-3, R. Holmberg and L. Gledhill lost to R. Caldwell and L. Dean 4-8, J. Coghill and N. Hocking lost to H. Armstrong and M. Brighton 4-8, R. Holmberg and G. Tiller def. M. Summers and R. Caldwell 8-3, N. Hocking and G. Tiller def. M. Brighton and R. Caldwell 8-5, S. Ingram and L. Williams lost to S. Brighton and L. Beattie 3-8, L. Gledhill and L. Ward def. L. Dean and S. Dixon 8-2, S. Ingram and L. Gledhill lost to S. Brighton and L. Dean 3-8, L. Williams and L. Dean def. L. Beattie and S. Dixon 8-6, R. Holmberg def. M. Summers 6-0.

LBU 1 (8 sets, 80 games) def. Rochester 1 (5 sets, 69 games)

M. Bongiovanni and M. Stone lost to T. Holmberg and M. Dingwall 2-8, M. Bongiovanni lost to Z. Holmberg 3-6, J. Howlett and C. Brn def. Z. Holmberg and S. Holmberg 8-5, L. Collins and M. Brentnall def. J. Nelson and J. Crockett 8-1, S. Brentnall and M. Haines def. B. Letcher and C. Hooppell 8-4, M. Bongiovanni and. L. Collins def. Z. Holmberg and J. Nelson 8-6, J. Howlett and S. Brentnall def. T. Holmberg and B. Letcher 8-5, L. Collins and S. Brentnall def. J. Nelson and B. Letcher 8-6, C. Brn and M. Haines lost to M. Dingwall and S. Holmberg 3-8, M. Stone and M. Brentnall def. C. Hooppell and J. Crockett 8-2, C. Brn and M. Stone lost to M. Dingwall and C. Hooppell 5-8, M. Haines and M. Brentnall def. S. Holmberg and J. Crockett 8-4, J. Howlett lost T. Holmberg 3-6.

Rich River 1 (10 sets, 92 games) def. Echuca South 3 (3 sets, 53 games)

T. Harley and C. Emmerson lost to S. Coatsworth and F. Hawken 7-8, T. Harley def. S. Coatsworth 6-4, C. Egan and K. Egan def. B. Potter and B. Wright 8-7, T. Devereux and K. Bartlett def. D. Stapleton and M. Molluso 8-4, B. Angove and V. Bavich def. R. Keil and A. Durham 8-1, T. Harley and B. Angove lost to S. Coatsworth and B. Potter 2-8, C. Egan and D. Devereux def. D. Stapleton and R. Keil 8-0, B. Angove and D. Devereux def. B. Potter and R. Keill 8-2, K. Bartlett and C. Emmerson def. F. Hawken and B. Wright 8-1, K. Egan and V. Bavich def. M. Stapleton and M. Molluso 8-6, C. Emmerson and V. Bavich def. B. Wright and A. Durham 8-1, C. Egan and D. Stapleton 6-3.

Echuca Lawn 1 (7 sets, 75 games) def. Echuca South 2 (6 sets, 71 games)

H. Melville and S. Fayle lost to L. Molluso and H. Trewick 3-8, H. Melville def. H. James 6-1, D. Mackrell and M. Moss lost to H. James and K. Mulcahy 6-8, B. Turner and F. Dobson def. S. Eishold and T. Eishold 8-4, R. Marks and E. Canning def. J. Guiney and L. Eishold 8-5, H. Melville and B. Turner lost to H. James and J. Guiney 6-8, D. Mackrell and R. Marks lost to L. Molluso and S. Eishold 2-8, B. Turner and R. Marks lost to J. Guiney and S. Eishold 4-8, S. Fayle and M. Moss def. H. Trewick and K. Mulcahy 8-5, F. Dobson and E. Canning def. L. Eishold and T. Eishold 8-4, S. Fayle and F. Dobson def. H. Trewick and L. Eishold 8-3, M. Moss and E. Canning def. K. Mulcahy and T. Eishold 8-3, D. Mackrell lost to L. Molluso 0-6.

Section 2

Rochester 3 (10 sets, 75 games) def. LBU 2 (3 sets, 45 games)

C. Murray and K. Gebbie def. B. Humbert and B. Howlett 6-2, D. Pain def. M. Jones 6-1, D. Pain and A. Pain def. M. Jones and J. McNair 6-4, W. Peacock and E. Palmer lost to C. Gardiner and K. Moroney 6-7, J. Palmer and E. Kerlin def. L. Ross and R. Eade 6-3, D. Pain and C. Murray def. M. Jones and L. Ross 6-2, W. Peacock and J. Palmer lost to C. Gardiner and B. Humbert 5-7, C. Murray and J. Palmer def. L. Ross and B. Humbert 6-0, K. Gebbie and A. Pain def. J. McNair and B. Howlett 6-4, E. Plamer and E. Kerlin def. K. Duncan and K. Moroney 6-2, K. Gebbie and E. Palmer def. J. McNair and K. Duncan 6-2, A. Pain and E. Kerlin def. B. Howlett and K. Moroney 7-5, W. Peacock lost to C. Gardiner 3-6.

Rich River 2 (9 sets, 66 games) def. Elmore 1 (4 sets, 42 games)

C. Spiers and M.M. Spiers def. K. Bacon and R. Johnson 6-4, M. George lost to J. Lee 1-6, B. Sudholz and J. Sudholz lost to J. Lee and J. DeMaria 3-6, M. George and N. Tomkins def. R. McCaskie and C. Holmberg 6-1, J. Hogan and C. Hogan def. B. Niven and A. Rosaia 6-4, C. Spiers and L. Pitts lost to J. Lee and K. Bacon 4-6, E. Spiers and B. Sudholz def. R. McCaskie and B. Niven 6-1, L. Pitts and J. Hogan lost to K. Bacon and B. Niven 4-6, M.M. Spiers and N. Tomkins def. R. Johnson and J. DeMaria 6-2, J. Sudholz and C. Hogan def. A. Rosaia and C. Holmberg 6-0, M.M. Spiers and J. Sudholz def. R. Johnson and A. Rosaia 6-4, N. Tomkins and C. Hogan def. J. DeMaria and C. Holmberg 6-2, E. Spiers def. R. McCaskie 6-0.

Rochester 4 (13 sets, 78 games) def. Colbinabbin 1 (0 sets, 0 games) by forfeit.

Junior A

LBU 3 (8 sets, 48 games) def. Rochester 7 (0 sets, 17 games)

Rochester 6 (4 sets, 37 games) def. LBU 4 (4 sets, 36 games)

Echuca South 5 (5 sets, 41 games) def. Echuca South 4 (3 sets, 30 games)

BYE: Rochester 5

Junior B Campaspe

Rochester 9 (3 sets, 31 games)def. LBU 5 (3 sets, 27 games)

Rochester 10 (5 sets, 35 games) def. Colinabbin 2 (1 set, 12 games)

Echuca South 6 (4 sets, 31 games) def. Elmore 2 (2 sets, 23 games)

Echuca South 7 (4 sets, 31 games) def. Echuca Lawn 2 (2 sets, 20 games)

BYE: Rochester 8

Junior B Murray

Rich River 3 (2 sets, 28 games) def. Rochester 12 (4 sets, 26 games)

Rochester 13 (5 sets, 30 games) def. LBU 6 (1 set, 16 games)

Rochester 11 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 7 (0 sets, 14 games)

Echuca South 8 (3 sets, 26 games) def. Echuca South 9 (3 sets, 25 games)

Junior C

Rochester 16 (3 sets, 28 games) def. Rochester 14 (3 sets, 25 days)

LBU 8 (3 sets, 29 games) def. Rich River 4 (3 sets, 28 games)

Echuca Lawn 3 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rochester 15 (0 sets, 14 games)

Elmore 3 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 9 (0 sets, 2 games)GMLTA


Numurkah Raiders (7 sets, 66 games) def. Rich River Rebels (4 sets, 63 games)

M. Cason def. D. Tomkins 6-2, A. Storer def. M. Lake 6-1, B. Downs def. D. Crossman 6-3, C. Church lost to I. Crossman 3-6, M. Cason and C. MacKay def. D. Tomkins and J. Bavich 8-7, A. Storer and C. MacKay def. m. Lake and J. Bavich 8-7, B. Downs and K. Beatson lost to D. Crossman and T. Godfrey 4-8, C. Church and K. Beatson lost to I. Crossman and T. Godfrey 6-8, M. Cason and B. Downs def. D. Tomkins and D. Crossman 8-6, A. Storer and C. Church lost to J. Bavich and I. Crossman 3-8, C. MacKay and K. Beatson def. M. Lake and T. Godfrey 8-7.

Nathalia (8 sets, 65 games) def. Echuca South (3 sets, 46 games)

J. Wilson lost to J. Godfrey 0-6, A. Bakogianis def. C. Potter 6-1, L. Rainbow lost to T. Godfrey 2-6, J. Daniel def. H. Poole 6-3, J. Wilson and J. Nihill def. J. Godfrey and C. Milnes 8-7, A. Bakogianis and J. Nihill def. C. Potter and C. Milnes 8-5, l. Rainbow and R. Nihill def. T. Godfrey and D. Glen 8-5, J. Daniel and R. Nihill def. H. Poole and D. Glen 8-1, A. Bakogianis and L. Rainbow def. C. Potter and T. Godfrey 8-1, J. Nihill and R. Nihill def. C. Milnes and H. Poole 8-3, J. Wilson and J. Daniel lost to J. Godfrey and D. Glen 3-8.


Echuca Cats (8 sets, 84 games) def. LBU (5 sets, 74 games)

R. More def. J. Mundie 6-2, P. Higgins def. G. Humbert 6-2, R. More and S. Hope lost to J. Mundie and P. Condliffe 4-8, P. Higgins and R. Kirchhofer def. G. Humbert and S. Newton 8-7, S. Hope and R. Kirchhofer def. D. Squire and S. Newton 8-3, M. Winchcombe and L. Alberni def. K. Condliffe and N. Bacon 8-3, R. McCluskey and J. Pollock lost to L. Toohey and F. Bail 3-8, M. Winchcombe and R. McCluskey lost to K. Condliffe and L. Toohey 6-8, L. Alberni and J. Pollock lost to N. Bacon and F. Bail 6-8, R. More and M. Winchcombe lost to J. Mundie and K. Condliffe 5-8,P. Higgins and L. Alberni def. P. Condliffe and N. Bacon 8-5, S. Hope and R. McCluskey def. S. Newton and L. Toohey 8-7, R. Kirchhofer and J. Pollock def. G. Humbert and F. Bail 8-5.

Rochester (7 sets, 84 games) def. Echuca Bulldogs (7 sets, 76 games)

J. Dingwall def. T. Charnass 6-4, E. Taylor lost to D. Cox 5-6, K. Lee lost to R. Dicketts 4-6, E. Ingram def. N. Jefferies 6-3, J. Dingwall and Z. Holmberg lost to T. Charnass and G. Webb 5-8, E. Taylor and C. Gledhill def. D. Cox and B. Gledhill 8-6, Z. Holmberg and C. Gledhill def. G. Webb and B. Gledhill 8-3, K. Lee and R. Major lost to R. Dicketts and A. Higgins 5-8, E. Ingram and K. Taylor def. N. Jefferies and L. Gledhill 8-4, R. Major and K. Taylor def. A. Higgins and L. Gledhill 8-1, C. Gledhill and K. Lee lost to T. Charnass and R. Dicketts 4-8, J. Dingwall and R. Major lost to B. Gledhill and A. Gledhill 4-8, E. Taylor and E. Ingram lost to D. Cox and L. Gledhill 5-8, Z. Holmberg and K. taylor def. G. Webb and N. Jefferies 8-3.

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