Insurance House to cover a key service

December 02, 2017

Insurance House donated $5000 for the Campaspe Family Violence Action Group. From left: Mark Hall, Matt Davidson, Linda Martin, Sophie Nott, Jen Savage and Kristine Bruce.

INSURANCE House has donated $5000 to the Campaspe Family Violence Action Group (CFVAG).

After being advised by APEX about the issue, Insurance House wanted to help.

‘‘We are a business full of local people and when we heard about the Campaspe area having the highest rate of incidents in the state we were horrified,’’ Insurance House’s Linda Martin said.

‘‘Now, even though it is lower, we are still in the top five in the state.’’

The money was raised through Insurance House’s annual winery tour, with the help of Dyson’s Bus Lines and in-house raffles.

The wine tour alone raised $3000.

The fundraising comes after the visit and speech by Rosie Batty back in June.

‘‘The talk by Rosie really hit home and made us think about how people are treated,’’ Linda said.

With the funding, the CFVAG will use it towards their strategic directive which has four key components.

One of them would include establishing a centre where those who have experienced domestic violence can go to.

‘‘At the moment, sufferers of domestic violence need to go to Bendigo to talk to someone,’’ Co-founder of CFVAG Jen Savage said.

‘‘While since the start of CFVAG, we have made ground for local people to see someone about their story.

‘‘But we have so much more work to do, including the continuation of raising awareness and having a safe haven for sufferers.’’

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