Rolling up the red tape essential for business

December 24, 2017

SO HERE ARE OUR ISSUES: Committee for Echuca Moama played host to the Victorian Red Tape Commisioner when he visited Echuca recently. PHOTO: submitted

COMMITTEE for Echuca Moama stated the region’s case when the Victorian Red Tape Commissioner rolled into town recently.

Chief executive Martin Szakal said the meeting offered insights into the area’s businesses and highlighted challenges they face when up against government policy.

The commissioner, Matthew Butlin, is expected to contribute to reducing the government’s 25 per cent red tape reduction target.

Mr Szakal said Dr Butlin would return to the area next year to present outcomes from the meeting.

‘‘The Red Tape Commissioner responded well to our issues offering insights for activities which are already underway, however, also showed a strong interest into some of our own issues that were presented,’’ Mr Szakal said.

‘‘Our points included liquor licensing issues regarding café versus hotel liquor licensing and other hospitality based issues.

‘‘Other areas included expediting government payments to small and medium sized enterprises to 14 days, transparency in local procurement and selection for local business in government related works.’’

Mr Szakal said the many cross-border issues were also explored.

‘‘These included tertiary education provision regarding TAFE’s; student attraction and qualification recognition, particularly in the areas of hospitality, responsible service of alcohol, responsible service of gaming and security licensing,’’ he said.

‘‘We also presented member interests surrounding electrical contractors from Victoria performing works in NSW who might not carry the appropriate licenses. The impacts of this might be that those works might not be covered under insurance policies.

‘‘In the areas of planning and the planning process, we explored having a business concierge or planning concierge to assist those seeking to invest and open businesses in a shire. There were also comments that related to too many decisions being deferred to VCAT as a default resolution, rather than it being resolved in the planning process.’’

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