‘If you’re lucky we’ll get you before you kill’

December 26, 2017

THE district’s top traffic cop has a warning for those who drink and drive this festive season.

THE district’s top traffic cop has a warning for those who drink and drive this festive season.

‘‘If you’re one of the lucky ones, we’ll catch you before you kill someone,’’ Senior Sergeant Ian Brooks said.

‘‘If you’re not and you kill someone, it will be on your conscience for the rest of your life.

‘‘And if you injure or kill someone, you can expect to spend some time or the rest of your life in jail.’’

The warning from the head of Victoria Police’s Highway Patrol district 5 western division, which includes Campaspe, comes ahead of a busy Christmas holiday period on the roads.

And police have cause for concern — with an alarming number of drivers expected to drink and drive over the festive season – with many not even realising they are breaking the law.

A recent survey has found one in four Australians do not know what the drink-driving limit is while one in five admit to driving while over the alcohol limit of 0.05.

The survey of 2000 Australian drivers, carried out by Budget Direct, also found one in five admit they may have driven while over the limit and men are less aware of the rules than women and are more likely to drink and drive.

‘‘It’s simple. Just don’t do it,’’ Snr Sgt Brooks said.

‘‘It’s not a risk worth taking.’’

Police will saturate the roads again this year as part of Operation Roadwise.

Last year, 14 people lost their life on the roads over the 24 days of the statewide operation.

‘‘We encourage everyone to do the right thing,’’ Snr Sgt Brooks said.

‘‘Make the effort over the festive season to put emergency services out of business because we really don’t want to come out to collisions.

‘‘Emergency services people have worked hard all year and we’d like a break. We don’t want to attend to this type of trauma because the effects are wide-ranging.’’

The Roadwise campaign started on Friday and runs until January 7 and will focus on reducing road trauma and improving road user behaviour.

Police will target the main causes of fatalities and serious injuries, including drink and drug drivers, excessive speed, mobile phone use, driver distraction, seatbelts and fatigue.

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