Aussie twist for classic

December 27, 2017

Alice Peat, Jack Hawkins, Lara O'Callaghan, Peaches Starritt (back), Tahlia Mills, Ruby Whitelegg and Alexandra Starritt

Harry and Lachlan Barlow

James Barnett, Logan Wright, Archie McDonald and Max McCallum

Kai Shiels, Aiden Fitzpatrick, Sam McKindlay, Mac Hooppell

Kyle Magro and Kate Durrant

Archie Peat, Lila Broadhead, Lachlan Dargan, Kobi Baxter, Zoe Ferris, Georgia Barnett, Nick Pell and Tia Ferris

Lilly Fink, Eve Ferris, Tiia Sheils and Hannah Durrant

Nick Pell, Sam McKindlay and Kobi Baxter

CINDERELLA got a dose of down under when students from downtown Bunnaloo Public School staged Aussie Cinderella.

Composed by teacher Lisa Cockayne, students jumped at the opportunity to give the classic story an Aussie twist.

And spare seats were hard to come by on opening night as family and friends filled the Bunnaloo Community Centre on December 15.

The school also held its end-of-year awards to recognise student achievement throughout the year.

The winners were:

■The Wise Family Academic Excellence and School Contribution Award: Rebecca Douglas.

■Murray Shire Caldwell Family Award: Mac Hooppell (junior), Eliza Ham (senior).

■Deni Teachers Association Award for Outstanding University of NSW Competition Results: Isabella Ferguson.

■IK Caldwell Sports Award: Seth Langman.

■Deni Lions Awards for Positive Attitude and Application: Zara Broadhead, Tia Ferris and Sam Hooppell.

■Echuca-Moama Apex Club Encouragement Awards: Eliza Pearce, Michelle Wilson and Nick Pell.

■Bunnaloo Public School Academic Improvement Awards: Kate Durrant, Zoe Ferris, Max McCallum and Fred Peat.

■Leon Sharp academic awards: Peaches Starritt (kinder), Logan Wright (grade 1), Eve Ferris (grade 2), Mac Hooppell (grade 3), Lachlan Barlow and Tiah Hooppell (grade 4), Archie Peat (grade 5), Rebecca Douglas (grade 6).

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