Pudding power for prostate debate

January 06, 2018

(L-R) Head Chef Aaron Reid, Chef Luke Westley, Owner John Taverna and Manager Ryan Bowden.

PROSTATE Cancer has plagued the Taverna Family not once, but six times.

Owner of The Black Pudding John Taverna, chef Luke Westley and the rest of the Pud team have taken the initiative to change the staggering statistic.

‘‘We are not only trying to raise money, we are trying to raise awareness,’’ John says.

‘‘All of my uncles have now been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

‘‘When the last one was diagnosed, it really affected me as we’re very close.

‘‘People don’t realise the seriousness of it — and that it can happen to people my age too.

With 20,000 Australian men receiving a new diagnosis and 3300 dying each year, John knew he had to try and do something to aid the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) with its work.

In total, the Pud aims to raise $20,000 to go towards the terrific work of PCFA and five of the team will shave their heads at each major money milestone.

At the $5000 mark Paul Taverna will go under the barber’s razor, for $10,000 it will be manager Ryan Bowden’s turn, at $15,000 the chef, Luke Westley, will lose his locks and the $20,000 target will see John and head chef Aaron Reid go bald.

Most importantly though, John and Luke hope that they can encourage men to go and get themselves checked and raise the awareness that cancer can affect anyone at any age.

‘‘As a team it’s a chance for us to raise funds and awareness,’’ John said.

‘‘I just feel so deeply about it.

‘‘It means a lot to the Taverna Family.’’

The head shaving will take place on Tuesday January 30 at The Black Pudding — along with other activities and a fundraising BBQ.

You can donate to the cause in person at the Hare St cafe or online at

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