Local student wins a major scholarship

January 08, 2018

Ethan Marshall (right) celebrates the completion of his year 12 studies and the receipt of a Monash University scholarship with his grandmother Barbara Green.

ETHAN Marshall received a pleasant surprise when he checked his email while laying in bed recently.

The former St Joseph’s student received a $21,000 scholarship from Monash University to help with tuition and accommodation this year.

The scholarship comes after Ethan’s impressive VCE results, including a study score of 42 in chemistry.

The 19-year-old will study science at Monash and hopes to work in organic chemistry upon completion of his studies.

Ethan said his VCE experience was a stressful one but the positive results made it worthwhile.

“Teachers were very important in completing year 12. My chemistry teacher is a major reason why I achieved a high score,” he said. “When I got stressed I focused on studying the subjects I liked the most. It may not have been the best strategy but it worked for me.”

Ethan said he was keen to get his studies underway and wants to work in organic chemistry because of the options it allows.

“There are a lot of career pathways in the industry and a lot of opportunity to help people,” he said.

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