Harvesters urged to monitor conditions across the Mid Murray Zone

January 12, 2018

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is urging Mid Murray Zone (Edward River Council, Murray River Council and part Murrumbidgee Council) farmers to closely monitor weather conditions to help prevent the ignition of crop fires during harvest operations.

Superintendent Tony Whitehorn said farmers play an important role in preventing fires from igniting during periods of greater fire risk.

“Using harvesting or farm machinery on days of increased risk can be very dangerous as any sparks in dry crops can start fires that spread very quickly.”

“These fires have the potential to threaten property and also destroy millions of dollars’ worth of crops.”

Superintendent Tony Whitehorn said throughout January 12 farmers should stop harvesting regularly to check the weather conditions against the Grain Harvesting Guide before deciding whether to continue due to the increased risk of fire.

 “If conditions fall within the guidelines and harvesting operations are to continue, you should continue to check regularly.”

“In recent years, a number of substantial fires have been started by farm machinery being used in warm and windy conditions.

“The NSW RFS appreciates the cooperation of farmers on days of heightened fire danger.

“A short period of down time until conditions ease will lower the risk of fires breaking out and can prevent a great deal of damage for farmers and their neighbours.”

Grain Harvesting Guides are available for farmers at their local Fire Control Centre and online at:

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