‘I was absolutely petrified, I’ve never felt so intimidated’

February 05, 2018

AN ECHUCA woman is warning others not to walk alone after she was followed by three men last week.

The 28-year-old, who doesn’t want to be named, was walking her small bulldog along the Campaspe River walking track near Lions Park about 7.30pm on Thursday when she noticed three suspicious men lurking around the gym equipment.

‘‘I was crossing the bridge when I noticed them all staring at me,’’ she said.

‘‘I had a horrible feeling, but I just put my head down and kept walking.

‘‘As I walked past them, they seemed to circle me which made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

‘‘I ignored them and starting walking faster to get across the road.

‘‘I thought one of them started talking to me but I had my headphones in, so I’m not sure.

‘‘I started power-walking and once I got about 50m down the road, I looked back and realised they were following me.

‘‘When I turned down the road towards home, I noticed one of them appeared to be running, so I just sprinted to the end of the road and then ran off home.

‘‘Had I not noticed the men following me, it could have been a different story.’’

The mother-of-one, who only moved to Echuca six months ago, said she had been left shaken after the ordeal.

‘‘I was absolutely petrified,’’ she said.

‘‘I’ve never felt so intimidated in my life.

‘‘It’s put me off walking down that area.’’

She has reported the incident to police but wanted to warn other women not to walk by themselves, even during daylight.

‘‘Walk with someone else or a good guard dog,’’ she said.

‘‘Always be prepared, be mindful and be careful.’’

Echuca police is looking into the matter.

The men are described as aged in their late 20s to early 30s, with dark features (possibly Indian).

Anyone with information can contact Echuca police on 54831500.

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