Try living life the right way up — for a change

February 09, 2018

David McAllan of the Echuca Community Church. Photo by Luke Hemer.

FOR those of you who have seen the Netflix TV series Stranger Things you will know what I’m talking about when I refer to the upside down.

The upside down, in this series, is a parallel universe that is right next to you.

It is an exact mirror image of everything in this world but of a different dimension.

It is a world shrouded in darkness; it is colourless and overgrown with vines and roots that grow over everything like a creeper plant or strangling vine.

The air is filled with toxic pollen that is like duck down feathers floating everywhere in the air.

This is an upside-down world to our own.

What is disturbing about this upside down realm is that it is trying to permeate and conquer the real world.

I couldn’t help but see some analogies here to the spiritual difference between the Christian’s world and the world that is under sin.

The upside down – the mirror image of this world – represents the triumph of evil and chaos and this permeates the upside-down.

The problem for our world is the upside down is trying to get into our world to corrupt it too.

The apostle Paul speaks of a transition from our realm to the realm of God in Romans 6:1-7.

He speaks there of a person’s faith and their baptism as that moment in a person’s life when, having had enough of the sin and evil of the world, decide to want to live under the new realm.

The apostle is saying that, in the spiritual realm, the people of the world are not in the real world, but in the upside-down.

When a person turns to Christ and is baptised in Him, that person moves out from the upside-down into true life in Christ.

He explains a transaction that takes place. In suffering and dying, Jesus secured life for those who turn to Him. His death brings us life.

Those who obey Him can know true life.

A life free from the shackles of an upside down realm.

His death has enabled a person to enjoy a right standing with God and a right relationship with God.

But a dead person, however, cannot bring life to others if he cannot bring back life to Himself.

His resurrection, therefore, is the great confirmation that Jesus is more than a mere man.

His resurrection means that He is from God and can give the life of God to those who seek it.

Through Christ, a pointless life gives way to meaning; despair gives way to hope and emptiness gives way to substance.

If you are tired of feeling enslaved to an upside down world, investigate for yourself the claims of Christ and how you can live a life that is the right way up.

David McAllan,

Echuca Community Church

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