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February 10, 2018


Teams nominate for the class at the start of the season, but eligibility is determined by the Ski Racing Australia board. The class allows the sport to be represented in a professional manner. Superclass speeds are limited to 120mph.

Formula 2

Minimum length of hull is 5.48m and class is for single outboards only. Engine capacity is to have a maximum manufacturer’s rating of 300 horsepower. 60mph; 70mph: competitors must not exceed 60mph (96.5kph) or 70mph (112.6kph) in their respective classes. Skis and rope lengths are unrestricted, unless in social. At least one skier must have a restricted membership.


Motor is outside the boat


Motor is inside the boat


Twin rigs, modified or super sports- total displacement of the engine(s) should not exceed 9.42 litres.

Unlimited Naturally Aspirated

No turbo or supercharged engines.


Standard Motor Open Cockpit. Up to 250 advertised horsepower. Optional or special order parts are not allowed.


Modified Open Cockpit. Engine modifications are allowed, with a maximum of 3.5 litre engine capacity.


Standard production motor with maximum manufacturer/official rating of 200 horsepower.

Stock 6 litre, 5.2 litre, 6 litre, 8 litre

Refers to the engine capacity.

Age classes

Under 10s (tadpoles — speed limit of 60mph), sub juniors boys and girls (speed limit of 70mph), junior boys and girls (speed limit of 85mph), 16-19 year old boys and girls, senior social over 35 years, veterans over 40 years: classes determined by age of the skiers. All boat motor capacity of the divisions are unrestricted.

Social Class

Provides a class in which most social skiers may be competitive (depending on their skiing skill). The skis used should not have a significant advantage over any of the commonly available and popular slalom skis. Maximum length of social class ropes is 36m.


Allows disabled skiers to take part.

Bakers’ Blitz

A qualifier for the superclass event. Named after commentators Ron and Maureen Baker.

President’s Dash

An invitational event for teams not in superclass, yet are highly competitive. Invitations are limited to races seeded in the top 40 by Ski racing Australia. Allows teams to earn a seeding for their respective classes.

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