And some pigs can almost fly

February 13, 2018

Pigs Arsenal during the Southern 80. Photo by Luke Hemer.

Pigs Arsenal during the Bakers Blitz. 2018 Southern 80. Photo by Luke Hemer.

IT WAS headline news during the week.

On Wednesday, the new livery on the former champion Hellrazor was finally released.

It carried a new name.

Hells Arsenal.

It was now the centrepiece of the Pigs Arsenal team.

When it was revealed, driver Chris Stevens was confident about when it would hit the water.

‘‘Later in the week we will know for sure, but at this stage we will be running with Hells Arsenal,’’ he said.

At some point in the week, that plan changed.

When the team crossed the finish line on Sunday, it was in the established boat Pigs Arsenal.

Last year, the boat was second in the President’s Dash but this year it made the jump to Superclass.

It finished third overall in a time of 31:22, just two seconds behind second placed Superman.

Observer Mark Boyer said the team was incredibly happy.

‘‘The boat ran really well today,’’ Boyer said.

‘‘We’ve made some adjustments on how we are going to use it for this race and in the future, so to get this result is fantastic.’’

The move to Superclass against faster boats was a great achievement for the team.

‘‘It’s always better to come in as the underdog,’’ Boyer said.

‘‘The little boat is a big advantage I think as it is easier to control and probably gave us that advantage in the race.’’

As for the late change, Boyer said the difference was getting used to the boat.

‘‘It’s going to be very important to us in the future, probably as the centrepiece of our racing,’’ he said.

‘‘But when you are this close to the race, it’s probably not the best call to be using a boat that you are not used to, so we decided to stick with what we know.’’

As time goes on and the team adjusts, it’s likely the former champion of the great race will be back on the waters.

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