Eaten by Dogs mix bleak lyrics with catchy tunes

February 14, 2018

KICKING off the Sunday sesh is Eaten by Dogs, the Melbourne-based band who mixes its country tunes with inspiration from the every day.

‘‘We’ll let the songs speak for themselves,’’ lead vocalist and guitarist Chris Lichti said.

‘‘We get our inspiration from the mundane, day-to-day stuff.

‘‘There’s a lot of writing about country tropes mixed with modernism.

‘‘We may have bleak lyrics, but we mix it with a catchier tune.’’

Eaten By Dogs have a definite country inflection to their tunes.

But they combine the classic genre with modern music methods to create smooth music with a hint of mystery.

Their brutally honest lyrics reflect the dark side of reality but combine more upbeat and familiar country melodies to balance their songs and get you tapping along.

‘‘We like to keep blending our sounds rather than start again,’’ Chris said.

‘‘So there’s a bit of the psychedelic, post-rock vibe in our country.’’

With two albums under their belt, the alt-country boys are looking forward to bringing their original tracks to Riverboats.

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