Get ready for a Motown throwdown

February 14, 2018

The Teskey Brothers perform at the American Hotel during the Echuca-Moama Winter Blues Festival. Photo by Luke Hemer.

REINVIGORATING the sounds of old-school Motown to inspire a new wave of audiences, The Teskey Brothers bring the rhythm and melodies they have grown up loving and listening to to the banks of the Murray.

Josh and Sam Teskey were raised jamming to their parent’s collection of blues and soul music.

As young adults, they were joined by Brendon Love and Liam Gough and became The Teskey Brothers.

After a solid 10 years of gigs around Melbourne and their much-loved home suburb of Warrandyte, the band self-produced their debut album Half Mile Harvest to an incredibly large and welcoming reception.

‘‘We recorded it in analogue,’’ lead singer Josh said.

‘‘Sam is a sound engineer by trade and he has an advanced home studio out the back of his place which has a couple of different rooms and we recorded in there.

‘‘We actually have Jimmy Barnes’ old tape machine and old microphone that we used to record.

‘‘The sound is deeper and you get that vocal crunch and distortion when you sing close to the microphone that you don’t get with modern electronics.

‘‘The album is a real heartbreak style.

‘‘It was almost like a group therapy session experience.

‘‘But I guess that’s the core part of singing the blues – the whole ‘where’s my baby’ feel.’’

Half Mile Harvest transports listeners back to those funky streets of downtown Detroit and hooks you with rich instrumental combinations, deep lyrics and Josh’s husky melodies.

Having previously performed at our Winter Blues Festival, the band is no stranger to the twin towns.

This year, having been through a whirlwind and back and still easily climbing the Australian music industry ropes, the boys are keen to perform the songs we all know and love and their new material.

‘‘We all write the music,’’ Josh said.

‘‘One of us will bring a song to the table and we’ll all add our own spice.

‘‘We all have an individual writing style and you can tell the difference when you listen to each song.

‘‘The sad and slow music is mine, Sam is more the psychedelic style and Brendan drives the old-time sound.

‘‘We like to play our new music first to get comfortable with it and see the reaction from our audiences.’’

Get ready for a motown throwdown with The Teskey Brothers which is sure to be an unmissable event.

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