Echuca CFA is one of the hottest shots

February 27, 2018

ECHUCA CFA crews are responding to nearly all incidents within their target timeframe.

ECHUCA CFA crews are responding to nearly all incidents within their target timeframe.

Emergency response time data, released last week, shows Echuca brigade responded to 94 per cent of all incidents within its 10-minute target between October 1 and December 31, 2017.

Echuca Fire Brigade captain Paul Nicoll said his team responded to 44 calls during that time.

‘‘We missed one call because we couldn’t get on the radio as there was too much radio traffic,’’ he said. ‘‘Otherwise it would have been 100 per cent.’’

The volunteer-only organisation is also meeting its targets more than some Metropolitan Fire Brigades with more staff already at the station.

‘‘We are doing a lot better than staffed brigades like Laverton who responded to 72.3 per cent of fires within the target time and Altona (72.9 per cent),’’ he said.

‘‘The community is well serviced by the fully volunteer brigade they’ve got.

‘‘In that time, we have lost no-one and there have been no injuries and that’s our ultimate goal.’’

Mr Nicoll said the only response challenge it had faced recently was the location of the new station, on the corner of Ogilvie Ave and High St.

‘‘You can sit at the Ogilvie Ave traffic lights for two minutes sometimes. The old station was a lot easier to access.’’

CFA chief officer Steve Warrington said the data showed where things were working well and would also allow CFA to identify areas for improvement.

‘‘What these results illustrate is that CFA is a high performing organisation that Victorians can trust to protect their lives and their properties,’’ Mr Warrington said.

‘‘We use this data to improve our performance. It allows us to evaluate how resources are allocated, identify growth and look at where brigades may need additional assistance.

‘‘This data also shows that, as well as providing emergency response, CFA career firefighters and volunteers play a crucial role in educating communities on fire prevention and preparedness.’’

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