Why there’s so many churches

March 02, 2018

Pastor Jonathon Schroder, New Life Baptist Church.

PEOPLE who don’t consider themselves religious often find it super confusing that there’s so many churches out there.

They understandably query, “if there’s only one God, why are there so many churches?”

That’s a great question, and a simple answer devoid of historical context won’t suffice. That lays outside the realm of this short piece, so let’s keep it lighter.

Some compare the dilemma above to ice-cream.

They point out, that while we might only really need one flavour, we all appreciate the opportunity to choose.

And in the case you’re wondering about the previous sentence, yes, ice-cream is an absolute necessity of life.

It’s true, ‘plain jane’ vanilla would do, but cookies and cream, macadamia nut, salted caramel, chocolate chip, butter and pecan are all worth a go too.

Oh, and have you tried licorice yet?

We appreciate the diversity on offer at the local ice creamery, and we realise that different flavours appeal to different people, and therefore we legitimise them.

We don’t have to like every single one ourselves because someone else will.

Although each flavour has its own uniqueness, they are all still just ice-cream at the end of the day.

So it is with the Christian church.

At their core, the Christian churches of Echuca-Moama share an abundance of DNA.

Recognising the Biblical reality of 1 Corinthians 12: “there are many different kinds of service, but the same Lord” means they can work together, peacefully.

So in case you were wondering, the churches are not in competition.

In fact, some share in very strong friendships, and support each other beautifully.

Being a church that meets in hired facilities each Sunday means we are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Salvos, who regularly share their venue with us.

We have been deeply blessed by them.

I thank God for the Salvos, and I’d have no hesitation in suggesting you give that ‘flavour’ a go, if you haven’t already.

I’ve never seen anyone walk out of an ice-cream shop empty handed because there were too many choices on offer.

That’d be irrational. Likewise, don’t be put off by the diversity of the church.

Go ahead and try one.

If you happen to discover a church that is doing their utmost to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, you’ve found a winning flavour.

In that case, get in and order a double scoop.

—Jonathon Schroder, New Life Baptist Church

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