Pete Conroy’s story speaks volumes through his art

March 05, 2018

PETE Conroy’s paintings aren’t just beautiful to look at.

PETE Conroy’s paintings aren’t just beautiful to look at.

They each tell a powerful story of courage, tireless persistence and hope.

After a surfing accident left Pete a C7 quadriplegic with limited use of his hands, he questioned whether he’d ever hold a paintbrush again.

But after five years of experimenting with different techniques and approaches, he’s finally found his way back to the canvas.

Confined to a wheelchair and with limited movement in his upper body, Pete has had to adapt, adapt and adapt.

Originally trying to use the same painting techniques he’d employed before the accident, he soon turned to photography and photoshop to help him plan the different stages of his artworks.

Now, he has an extensive collection spanning satirical cartoons to fine art paintings.

And they’re on show until March 12.

To take a peek at Pete’s work, head to the Foundry Arts Space, 17 Murray Esplanade.

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