Rochester in seventh heaven

March 14, 2018

Matt George of Rich River during the CTA Section 2 tennis preliminary final between Rich River and Rochester. Photo by Luke Hemer.

THE grand finals of the 2017/18 tennis season are locked in.

And Rochester will be the dominant side on the day.

Seven Rochester teams will appear across seven grand finals featuring teams from the region.

With all grand finals in the CTA taking place at the Echuca Lawn Tennis Club, the clubs will be travelling to get their shot at premiership glory.

Rich River 1, the dominant side in section one play this year, will be looking to make it three in a row as they come up against Rochester 1, the side who won the two before Rich River’s streak began.

CTA Finals

Section 1

LBU 1 (5 sets, 79 games) lost to Rochester 1 (8 sets, 85 games)

M. Bongiovanni and C. Brn lost to T. Holmberg and M. Dingwall 7-8, S. Brentnall def. Z. Holmberg 6-2, S. Brentnall and A. Todd lost to Z. Holmberg and C. Hooppell 5-8, T. Bacon and M. Brentnall def. J. Nelson and M. Brentnall 8-5, B. Kellett and M. Stone lost to B. Letcher and J. Crockett 3-8, S. Brentnall and T. Bacon lost to Z. Holmberg and J. Nelson 7-8, M. Bongiovanni and B. Kellett lost to T. Holmberg and B. Letcher 6-8, T. Bacon and B. Kellett lost to J. Nelson and B. Letcher 5-8, C. Brn and M. Brentnall lost to M. Dingwall and S. Holmberg 6-8, M. Stone and A. Todd lost to C. Hooppell and J. Crockett 4-8, C. Brn and M. Stone def. M. Dingwall and C. Hooppell 8-6, M. Brentnall and A. Todd def. S. Holmberg and J. Crockett 8-4, M. Bongiovanni def. T. Holmberg 6-4.

Section 2

Rochester 4 (10 sets, 71 games) def. Rich River 2 (3 sets, 47 games)

R. Fiedler and R. Wolfe lost to C. Spiers and M.M. Spiers 4-6, B. Fiedler lost to C. Spiers 2-6, B. Fiedler and C. Fiedler def. M. George and J. Sudholz 6-2, J. Baker and H. Hocking def. B. Sudholz and V. Bavich 6-2, J. Hocking and R. Baker def. L. Pitts and C. Hogan 6-3, B. Fiedler and J. Baker def. S. Pitts and L. Pitts 6-1, J. Hocking and J. Brooks def. E. Spiers and J. Hogan 6-4, J. Baker and J. Brooks def. B. Sudholz and J. Hogan 6-4, C. Fiedler and H. Hocking lost to M.M. Spiers and V. Bavich 4-6, R. Wolfe and R. Baker def. J. Sudholz and C. Hogan 6-1, C. Fiedler and R. Wolfe def M.M. SPiers and J. Sudholz 6-4, H. Hocking and R. Baker def. V. Bavich and C. Hogan 7-5, J. Hocking def. M. George 6-3.

Junior A

Rochester 5 (4 sets, 35 games) def. LBU 4 (4 sets, 30 games)

Junior B Campaspe

Echuca South 6 (3 sets, 20 games) lost to Rochester 10 (3 sets, 29 games)

Junior B Murray

Rochester 12 (4 sets, 32 games) def. Echuca South 8 (2 sets, 18 games)

Junior C

LBU 8 (5 sets, 32 games) def. Rochester 16 (1 set, 22 games)Grand Finals


All junior grand finals will be played at Echuca Lawn Tennis Club, with play starting at 9:30am.

Junior A

LBU 3 v Rochester 5

Umpires: LBU4

Junior B Campaspe

Rochester 8 v Rochester 10

Umpires: Echuca South 6

Junior B Murray

Echuca South 9 v Rochester 12

Umpires: Echuca South 8

Junior C

Echuca Lawn 3 v LBU 8

Umpires: Rochester 16

Senior grand finals will be played at Echuca Lawn Centre, with section one at 1pm and section two at 1:30pm.

Section 1

Rich River 1 v Rochester 1

Section 2

Elmore 1 v Rochester 4


Game played at Shepparton starting at 1pm.


Rochester v LBU

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