Andrew Johnston

March 15, 2018

CAN football season just hurry up already?

Seriously, this feels like the longest summer ever.

I don’t know if that boils down to my growing apathy towards the Australian cricket team — apathy that has only been strengthened in the past week — but it has felt like we’ve had to wait an awfully long time for the football to start.

Everywhere I look at the moment we are talking football.

It’s dominating the back pages of the Herald Sun, it’s on my Facebook feed, my Twitter, every television news program — it’s everywhere.

And of course, today we have our 40-page football liftout in the paper.

Being a member of the team that wrote the magazine is probably playing a role in my impatience.

You see, the amount of writing that went into that magazine means that we have been talking about football non-stop for well over a month.

I can’t escape football.

And if I’m perfectly honest — I don’t want to escape football.

Like a lot of people, I lap up the wall to wall coverage that we get nowadays.

Whether it’s reading season previews written by every man and his dog, watching all the footy TV shows that I can (except, ironically, for The Footy Show) or watching any matches I can.

It takes a fair amount of love for the game to be watching Brisbane and Gold Coast in a practice match.

Hell, I bit the bullet twice last week financially.

Firstly, I upgraded my general admission Hawthorn membership to a reserved seat.

I had planned to just upgrade to a good seat whenever I was going down, but when I was faced with sitting in tier four against Collingwood in round one, I snapped.

In fairness, it’s a great use of $200.

Then, I got Foxtel.

Come at me Fox Footy.

Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that for me.

As much as I love to talk about Hawthorn and the AFL, I really can’t wait to get our local seasons underway either.

The thing that I have enjoyed about getting the magazine together is getting to know a bit about the clubs around the region.

Coming into a new region as a writer, you rarely have any knowledge of the local scene.

My last football job was with the Tasmanian State League, and since I had never lived outside of Tasmania, it was a league I knew a fair bit about.

Now that I am in a new area with not just one, but multiple leagues that I didn’t know much about, I have had to do a fair bit of work to catch up.

But I imagine that many of you reading, like me, are sick of previews and predictions. They’re just words on pieces of paper, really. And games are not played on paper.

We are all just waiting for the boys to hit the field.

First, for me, it will be Hawthorn v Collingwood.

Then, it’s Echuca v Tat.

Honestly, I just can’t wait for round one.

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