Weyrich calls for roo cull after lucky escape

April 04, 2018

Murray River Councillor Tom Weyrich hit a kangaroo while driving between Mathoura and Moama. Photo by Luke Hemer.

MURRAY River Councillor Tom Weyrich was left shaken last week after a kangaroo totalled his car — and nearly cost him his life.

And he says it’s just further evidence Echuca-Moama needs to address its epidemic roo problem.

Cr Weyrich was travelling from Moama to Mathoura at 8pm on Monday when a passing road train hit a kangaroo, sending it rolling under his car.

‘‘It lifted the left side of my car right off the road and pushed me right towards the rear trailer of the road train, it nearly speared me straight into it,’’ he said.

‘‘I’ve hit kangaroos many times before, but never like that. I was very lucky my airbag didn’t go off, or that would’ve been the end of it.’’

Cr Weyrich’s car was left mangled, the support panel bent so severely it drove the radiator into the engine.

It was totalled.

But he said he was grateful he didn’t lose something more valuable — his life.

To Cr Weyrich, this incident only reaffirms his ongoing mission to tackle the region’s growing kangaroo problem.

‘‘I brought it forward at the recent NSW local government annual conference and it stirred up lively debate,’’ he said.

‘‘But four months later, still nothing has been done.’’

Cr Weyrich said the dry weather was pushing waves of kangaroos closer to town to get food, heightening the risk of collisions on the roads.

But his calls to cull kangaroos have been met with animosity by many.

‘‘I don’t know why people don’t get it,’’ he said.

‘‘People say we should just drive at 40km/h — how would we get anywhere if we did that? Others have suggested we move the highway to the west — well who’s going to pay for that?

‘‘I have no propensity to kill anything and I’m not suggesting we do away with kangaroos altogether.

‘‘But numbers have exploded, roos have been allowed to reproduce unchecked.’’

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