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April 06, 2018

Echuca Moama Bushwalkers 20th Anniversary. A group of 25 walkers on top of Mitiamo Rock in Mt Terrick Terrick National Park - we were re tracing the first walk of the club 20 years ago. photo: submitted

THERE ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, to keep the Echuca Moama Bushwalkers from getting to whatever bushwalking goal they set their minds on.

From Mt Kosciuszko to South Australia’s Flinders Ranges, from Fraser Island in Queensland to the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory, this crew of intrepid adventurers has seen it all — up close and personal and on foot.

They’ve slept under starry night skies, swum in lakes and conquered mountains just to watch the sun rise.

And this year, they’ll witness a new marvel — reaching 25 years as a group.

So what keeps drawing this club back off the beaten track?

‘‘I call it mobile meditation,’’ Annette Cowan said.

‘‘Often where we walk is isolated, completely untouched by cars. There’s such a beautiful peace.

‘‘It’s also been said bushwalking is an amazing social leveller. You walk with people from all different walks of life.’’

‘‘Plus it satisfies your sense of adventure, scrambling up rocks and exploring untouched places,’’ fellow member Annemaree Crosby said.

‘‘And there’s that incredible wow factor when you make it to the top.

‘‘You can’t get that in a car.’’

Echuca Moama Bushwalkers was established in 1993 after some local walkers noticed a need in the twin towns.

‘‘There were four of us travelling to a bushwalking club in Shepp. Eventually someone suggested we start our own group in Echuca-Moama,’’ Annette said.

‘‘We had low numbers for the first few years, but then got bigger from there. Our peak membership has been about 40 people.’’

The group has an annual calendar which rapidly fills with walking suggestions each year.

The group offers a combination of easy day walks, hard day walks, base camp walks and overnight stays.

Plus they’ve had their fair share of overseas adventures, taking them as far as Tasmania and New Zealand.

‘‘The diversity is incredible — both in the different walks and the different people you go with,’’ Annemaree said.

‘‘You venture to places you wouldn’t normally go.’’

The Bushwalkers will be holding a 25th celebration on Saturday, May 5 at the Mercure Hotel in Echuca.

To book a spot, call Annette on 0418 476 958 or Annemaree on 0407 321 495 before April 12.

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