There is plenty of Easter still coming

April 06, 2018

I WOULD like to share with you a devotion I read earlier this week, as it sums up my thoughts on what happens after the Easter events.

Easter does not end at the empty tomb rather the journey for Jesus’ closest friends the disciples and our lives begins here – Jesus is alive and He wants us to walk with Him.

The following is from Wendy at babasiga.blogspot: “After the excitement and grandeur of Easter, it’s time to be reminded that Jesus lives in the everyday and to invite other people into a quiet recognition of Jesus’ ongoing presence in their lives.

A sombre meal on Maundy Thursday, tears on Good Friday, triumphant majesty on Easter –now what do we do?

That’s probably what the disciples were thinking. Quiet, a little lonely, a little apprehensive, a little determined.

But Jesus says “I am with you always”.

That means alongside us when we face the dentist, when we are apprehensive about medical tests, when we lose our life partner, when we have fears for our security, when we lose our temper, when we are cut up by regrets, when we are tactless and say the wrong thing, when our little dog dies, when we feel other people look past us and don’t even see us, when someone we love snaps at us…

Jesus did say “I am with you always”.

Alongside you.

Two men walking to Emmaus were kept from recognising Jesus.

The Bible doesn’t say if this was some supernatural thing or whether Jesus simply covered his head with his cloak.

They certainly wouldn’t have been expecting him to show up and walk with them.

Jesus was right there next to them and they didn’t see him.

Sometimes we do the same thing.

When the blind were made to see, Jesus was there.

When the broken stood and walked, Jesus was there.

When the wandering found a path to follow, Jesus was there.

When Mary and the women went to the tomb, Jesus was there.

When the apostles gathered in the room, Jesus was there.

When the disciples walked along the road, Jesus was there.

When the disciples tried to return to their jobs, Jesus was there.

When Thomas doubted, Jesus was there.

When Paul was knocked off his horse, Jesus was there.

You see the Easter message was never intended to be a one Sunday a year event.

Rather we are to live out the message of the good news that Jesus was indeed crucified, was buried and then He rose again on the third day; with all power and glory.

So this week and the next and the next, continue living out every week as if it were Easter.’’

Sonia Edwards

Salvation Army

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