Sunday a must for mums

May 11, 2018

Three generations of mums: Winter, Tex and River Townsend with their Mother Amber Townsend, their grand mother Kaylene Craig and great grand mother Iris Powell

THERE’S a depth of understanding, a connection almost tangible, that shines through when Iris Powell, Kaylene Craig and Amber Townsend sit together.

Appreciation for what they have done for each other throughout their lives — and an understanding of what it takes to be a good mother.

Iris, Kaylene and Amber are three generations of mums.

‘Nana Iris’, as the family calls her, had five children — Cheryl, Garry, Chris, Lisa and Kaylene.

Kaylene has four, Nicholas, Zachary and Haley and Amber — who has three; River, Winter and Tex.

The three mums have played an important role in shaping the lives of not only their immediate families, but their wider family too.

They all agreed with how Nana Iris described Mother’s Day.

“Family, it’s all about family for me,” Iris said, with Kaylene and Amber nodding along as she spoke.

“Our family is in such a lucky position where a lot of us live in Tongala.”

It’s the word they all kept going back to — family. It’s what they think most of on Mother’s Day.

“My family moved around a lot so now we are settled in Tongala and having everyone close it makes it really special.”

In each other, the three mothers have had useful sources of advice and experience when it comes to parenting.

“Yeah I’m pretty good at giving advice I like to think — we can always jump on the phone and ask a question,” Iris said.

All ladies grew up in family oriented houses, and it’s something they all tried to recreate in their own families.

“Having that family feel is so important, it’s about the kids jumping on the furniture and things like that and having fun,” Iris said.

“Wherever we are in our family we just want to create a family environment where kids can enjoy themselves and thrive.”

Amber and Kaylene both highlighted the fact of how lucky they were their kids were able to grow up with grandparents.

“It’s really special to not only have Mum, but to have Nan too,” Amber said.

Ask any mother and they’ll say motherhood isn’t all smooth sailing, but Iris, Kaylene and Amber agreed the good always far outweighs the bad.

“I wouldn’t say the things you do as a mum are challenges, they are more just things you do day by day because you love your kids and love your family,” Amber said.

“I can’t really remember not being a mum to be honest, it takes over your life in a good way.”

When Iris’ daughter Cheryl died in 2000, Kaylene also lost a sister and Amber an aunty.

“That was obviously the toughest thing for me personally,” Iris said.

“Mother’s Day makes me think of my sister, as well as mum,” Kaylene said.

They automatically reached across to comfort each other when Cheryl was raised, highlighting the strength of the family’s bond.

“Mostly I’m just proud of these two (Kaylene and Amber) for the mothers they became and I hope I played a little role in that,” Iris said.

“It’s very fulfilling to see the kids grow old and turn into fine adults,” Kaylene added.

The family will head out for lunch on Mother’s Day to appreciate all they do — minus Amber who will be working.

For all the chatting and conversing about motherhood, it was Amber who simply summed it up.

“You can’t really explain the feeling of being a mum — it’s just the best thing in the world.”

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