Allied forces to end tyranny

June 07, 2018

SEVENTY-FOUR years ago today the Allies stormed the beaches of northern France on D-Day.

Their mission: defeat the undefeated.

Sound familiar.

Kyabram versus the rest of the GVL?

So why not?

Why not get together the best of the rest and have the Barbarians at the gates of Ky’s home ground.

Surely 976 undefeated days is enough for anyone.

The only problem is, Ky’s winning margin is getting bigger – in 2016 it was in the 50-point range.

So far this year that has soared to an average 76 points. Across all 50 of its wins the margin is a staggering 69 points.

The finest warriors from each club should be assembled to march on Kyabram and light up the Bombers once and for all.

This Barbarian team of Allies would make up for what the other 11 cannot do individually and in a one-off battle shoot down the Bombers, proving they really are mere mortals.

Granted it would be an attempt to scale the tallest of mountains and “knock the bastard off” as Sir Edmund Hillary so famously said after conquering Everest.

There must be enough class across the league to produce that four-quarter performance to which every other team has aspired this year. And last year. And the year before that.

I mean just look at Echuca; off the top of my head there should be three of our warriors enlisted by the Barbarians – Simon Buckley, Andrew Walker and Daniel Willis.

If Ky beats the Tatura Bulldogs at their own ground on Saturday they have a near certain path to 1,000 days undefeated.

Imagine that.

The Bulldogs have been the only team to get within a goal — in the fifth round of the 2017 season. They had more scoring shots, they kicked the last two goals but they could not close that four-point buffer at 71-75.

Game, set and match, and no-one has been within coo-ee of them since.

Only six games in Ky’s 50 have been within three goals but that current 12.4-goal 2018 margin doesn’t look like closing any time soon.

After Tatura the Bombers have Seymour (ninth) and Shepparton United (10th) until they reach that magnificent 1,000th undefeated day on June 30 — although they don’t play until the Sunday (July 1) against Mooroopna (11th).

And 1,001 days undefeated is just too much to bear.

■Look out in next Wednesday’s Riv for our selections for the GVL Barbarians team.

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