Cold brings trout to surface - Kevin Tyler

May 19, 2017

The pleasure of waking in the early morning just as the sun rises, a hot cupper and breakfast cooked on a camp fire, these are the memories of camping at the Eustace Creek Arm of Dartmouth Dam, a crisp coating of frost and a mist clinging to the surface of the water.

I am looking forward to doing this in the next month or so.

Spending a couple of days at Dartmouth is one of the most relaxing experiences I have partaken of when fishing, trolling the waters in search of a feisty brown or even an acrobatic rainbow trout.

This is the time of year to head for the hills to fish for trout and if camping in the great outdoors is not your thing, then there are a variety of comfortable accommodation options in the town including a pub, caravan park and eateries.

The cold has brought the trout to the surface and the need to get your bait or lure into deeper water to attract a bite is no longer an issue, although the early morning is still the best time to fish for trout as they are active and are in a feeding frame of mind.

As you may have guessed, Dartmouth is one of my favoured fishing destinations and I have many fond memories of times spent on the lake with my former fishing buddy, Freddo, who sadly, is no longer with us.

Dartmouth is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Shepparton, just head to Wodonga and then towards Corryong in the high country.

Reports from ‘‘The Dart’’ are good with fish being caught all over, my favourite spots, however, are Larsons Cutting, the eight mile and even the tree line in front of the wall well within sight of the boat ramp and jetty.

Around our region it has slowed down a little as the cold has made the fish a little sluggish, while I was still getting bites, they were nowhere near as numerous and instead of wolfing down my bait the fish were content with just nibbling.

Redfin are still being caught at Waranga Basin and also at Greens Lake, although the Hume Weir is a destination worth trying as well as Eildon, where they can be found among the tree line.

I heard of some good reports from anglers fishing the Barmah Narrows with several nice cod being caught by anglers using chicken strips for bait, it must be the secret herbs and spices.

Saltwater fishing is still going gangbusters around the bay, and Rod Lawn from Adamas Fishing Charters said this week he was told of good bags of salmon and calamari being caught around the heads and snapper further up the bay near Mornington.

Rod said gummy shark were still being caught off Point Lonsdale near the submarine dive sights and also off Barwon Heads, he said good hauls of gummy shark were also being caught off Hastings in Western Port Bay especially on the run-out tide along the deep water near the shipping lanes, he said best bait was fresh salmon fillets.

At Eden, John Liddell said off-the-shelf late-season marlin were being caught by anglers using skirted lures and some early season rat-sized tuna were also being caught.

John said he heard of flathead over a metre being caught along the sandy bottom near Green Cape on the Victorian side of the Light House.

At Narooma it was a similar story with marlin and king fish off shore and plenty of table fish being caught along the inshore reefs.

Graham Cowley said his son Nicholas was bagging black marlin while fishing off the shelf to the north of Montague Island.

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